Molly Vs Pressed Xtc

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by FTG, May 26, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I've taken Xtc and Molly a few different times each and have a few questions. Usually a roll will make me energetic, and give me a little empathy and generally put me in a good mood to dance and listen to music.

    Everytime I take molly I get super empathetic and friendly, feel like everything including people are awesome, and it's like a mini trip. Although I don't usually feel energetic, I often yawn but definitely can't sleep; basically just relaxed and want to walk around talking to people. When I pass by music that's playing I'll get a quick urge to dance for 15 seconds and keep on walking. I'll also want to wave my arms around and just feel the music and vibes.

    Is this because rolls generally contain less MDMA and more amphetimines? Also usually I'll roll way longer on rolls then I would on molly, but the molly high is so much more happier and empathetic.

    Also what dose of molly do you take to feel a nice roll? Everytime I take it, I usually like to take 2-3 tenths to feel a really nice happy roll, and my friends are all the same way. Don't understand why they sell it by the tenth, seems like you might as well buy a g or a half g.
  2. around here u only get molly by the half gram/gram. prices vary big time though. ive had molly cut with meth (looked fucked up and not like usual molly) and was told to snort it not eat it.

    i cant roll anymore though. laast time i had enough mdma/amphetamines in my system to cause melatonin sickness for 4-5 weeks. not a fun time. going to the er cause your trippin not on anything and people think your nuts, then you think your nuts cause ur halucinating hard without having took any drugs to induce it.

    couldnt smoke for 3 weeks cause it would induce it harder

  3. If I were in a situation where if I smoked, i'd drip balls..... Pass that blunt son! Seriously though, that's kinda wild.

    To the OP: everything you said is pretty much right. Nobody can be 100% sure of anything in the world of rolls even with test kits (cept for a lab MS screen)
  4. Is it normal for the best part of the roll to only last an hour or so? I took about 3 tenths on Fri, Sat, and Sunday. Each time it took around 45-60 to kick in, and after that I felt amazing for about an hour and I seemed to come down and feel relaxed, and definitely still intoxicated for a few more hours.

    Doesn't really seem worth $100 a gram if the most intense and fun parts are only an hour long, and redosing isn't that effective :(

    Also does LSD have a cross tolerance with MDMA?
  5. trust me its not nearly as fun as it sounds. i was talking to deaad relatives in the room.... classifies as more psychotic then anything.... not a good time

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