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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by GrahamPogo, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. So I'm grabbing some for a rave in Philly tonight , and it's my first time doing molly. How much should I get for a good experiance? Would 2gs be enough? What should I be paying?
  2. if your doing pure molly hell no you dont want 2g's. in my other thread yea i got 1G, but its rare in the area so i stoked up. i think the average dose should be about 80mg. that should cost about like 25 per hit depending on the area ? i wouldn't take more than 1 dose of pure shit tho, cause i only did x before, and the pure shit is like god compared to crappy mixed xstacy these days

    can anyone here confirm the right dose mg of pure molly someone should take like me if i havent rolled in like 3 years ? and even befor so i never really diod it often.

  3. hey man, your correct. If your looking for a good time .1 of a gram is all you really need anything after that and youll be rolling like a fuckin rollercaoster,lol. My first time doing X was with about 125-150mg, it was a full capsule so i estimate it was in that range. But like i said .1 will do you just find and if you have 2 G's then your sitting on a pretty good supply. Whatever you do, dont consume 2 grams, i couldnt even imagine how crazy that would be, neither do i want to.

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