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  1. I met a girl on myspace and have been talking to her and said I was wanting some e or molly. She said she can get a point of molly for 25 dollars, what I need to know is what a point of molly looks like and if 25 is a good deal and will one point get me a good roll or is she tring to rip me off also do you think she could be a cop cause I met her on myspace but I trust he because she has alot of friends and they leave comments like I had a fun time last week. any advice will help thanks
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    25 is a lot for .1 it should be 10 or 15 unless it's super rare in your area or something. Grams of it are usually 100-120 (for crystal shards)
  3. Yeah, that's way overpriced even IF molly is near exotic in your area.

    $7-8 would be a good deal for .1 and like Kansas said, $10 is average.... but $25 is absolutely ridiculous.
  4. should I do it anyway cause I have no hook ups for molly and have never done it I have allways done pills and can get decent pills right now for 10 a pop but just want to see what im missing
  5. here is the conversation between me and her

    meno ones online cept you and im bored as a mother fucker all my friends are doing shit except me and im fucked up on klonipens and need someone to talk to because im going insane just sitting here bymyself so what have you been up to get any good rolls lately

    nah the last good rolls I got were yellow nikes like in december, everything else's been shit

    me-damnnnnn are you quiting e

    her-nawwww haha
    I railed a few lines of molly for valentines day :D

    me-luckyyyyyyyyy wish i could do a line of molly, I think i can get molly right now too. do you smoke weed

    her-nahhh I quit smoking

    me-why did you do that

    her-cause I didnt like it anymore

    me-that sucks cause its awsome but I want to go some molly or e help me find it

    her-i can get you some molly...25 a point

    me-yea I deff want to pick some up but I dont get paid untill next week will you still be able to get it whats your number and I will call you when I have the money

    her-how much do you want? **********

    me-depends on how much money I can get this week but prob like 25 worth its kind of exspensive and I like to test it before I buy alot does it come in a cap

    her-I dont know but I can cap it for you if you want me to.

    me-ah dont worry bought it I will prob call on wed or thrus can I call at any time or is like 1 to late

    her-yeah I have class in the morning
    anytime during the day or night is fine tho...ill probably still be up

    me-coool cant wait to roll like a rollercoaster

    her-hell yeah
  6. Wow man, you handled that conversation like a champ
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    thanks:D I might end up fucking her to if play my cards right any girl that rails molly is a girl for me
  8. so do yal think I should do it or what
  9. If you've got $25 to spare, I don't see why not.

  10. exactamundo, molly is worth every penny to me. I use to pay close to 20 for a tenth of a gram. But it is so much better to just get a gram when you have the connection and the money. and yes .1 will easily make you ride the roller coaster,lol.
  11. So a point is .1? Well damn, 25 for that is a ripoff, but then again it is pretty fuckin hard to find in some areas. Molly goes for about a bill a gram in the A.

    Not sayin you shouldn't do it, cuz I honestly would rather spend the money and get a cleanass roll with some molly. If you got 25 to blow then I say go for it.

    BTW, try to not buy drugs from people off of Myspace.
  12. it is fucking hard to find and I know that this girl is selling real shit cause qll she talks about is x and I have never even seen it before in my town but I have another buddy that says he can get it 20 a point but I dont trust him and would rather just spend the extra 5 for some real shit

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