Molino Spoons

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  1. No. Go buy a QUALITY spoon somewhere else.
  2. personally i would never buy a spoon online. i always take a good look when im at the shop there is usually something there that tickles my fancy. and you get an upclose personal look at it.
  3. i make sure all my spoons/bowls are custom/locally blown. i have a guy that makes me a custom bowl 4mm thick for $30 that's the best bet.
  4. i own a molino mushroom pipe... i've heard that molino glass is not good though

  5. Definitely go to your nearest headshop and take a look around, you are bound to find something that you will love. There is nothing like going in and searching for the perfect piece.

    Sadly I've yet to purchase anything at a headshop for myself, but I use the piece's everyday so it's all good.

  6. i agree. i'll never buy another piece unless im on hallucinogens when i buy it because it has to be trip friendly.
  7. I bought this spoon, and i'm pretty sure it's molino although I could be wrong. This spoon has been a good buy....small and stealthy, but has a very roomy bowl (me and a friend got about 8 solid hits each)...this one is super thick glass, and it hits like a champ..I love it :D


  8. i dont think they do honeycomb in china bro....nice spoon.
  9. fuck molino glass
  10. yeah I was about to say the same shit, no way that is molino
  11. The person who posted above is confused with Murano glass, which you guys obviously haven' heard of. I love that spoon that he posted, it's quite beautiful. Murano glass is Italian glass that is characterized usually by designs similar to the spoon above.

    I LOVE Murano glass.
  12. i bought a molino spoon from GC before, i broke it a while ago but when i had it, it was a good peice.
  13. i have molino pipes and bubbler i have boughten off here and EDIT, they are of fine quality
  14. yea I have to say that the molino arent the least bit dense...My friend bought a spoon from a local shp[ and on the way out he dropped it on cement and it didnt crack, but the molino I bought (exact same one that op showed) cracked from a 1 inch drop from my hand to wood

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