Molino price cut.

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by M369, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Feel free to close or delete this if it's touching on a subject which can't be answered.

    Just noticed there is a huge drop in the price of the molino Bongs in the GC shop(which is GREAT! :D). Is this an act of generosity. Or simply clearing old stock for newer stock.
    If so....Is there any information on products set to hit the shelves of GC in the near future.
    I ask as i have been in a dilemma in choosing a bong for months now:p

  2. I'll get SJ to hit this thread,mat. Sorry for the delay in response. :)
  3. No problemo. I know your busy people...:)

    Maybe i should of sent a PM. But i figured a lot of blades would be wondering the same as me.
  5. just clearance of old stock, the mid section bongs won't be coming back, so get them at a disocunt while you can! no other plans for th efuture only, in two months, we are going to sell ROOR and all(!) G-Spot bongs

    take care

  6. hopefully just in time for the holiday season? I have gifts to buy (ok, mainly for myself) :hello:
  7. Thanks for the reply man!

    I will try to grab one before they all go!

    That's good to hear about RooRs too.:D
  8. if you guys are getting some roors I'm gonna cop one :smoking:

  9. oh joy!
  10. Will you be shipping ROOR to the US?
  11. I should think so. They do all other bongs, why would their be an exception with RooRs?

    ^ That's not sarcasm BTW, i'm generally curious.:p
  12. It was sarcasm. I felt it. Warm, fuzzy sarcasm!!! :D

    Just kidding, dude. I don't think you were being sarcastic.

    VC, I don't see any reason why SJ wouldn't ship them to the US but I'll get verification from him for you. :)
  13. I don't have a local ROOR dealer, only a local China mass blown wtf is this dealer so I was really hoping to get another quality piece from GC.
  14. Yeah I will definitely be looking at the ROORS and g-spot bongs when they're in.

    I forget do gold members get 3 discount codes per year or what?
  15. SJ said that he will definitely ship to the States.

    As far as how many codes per year, I'll have to look into that for you.
  16. Yeah I could sure use another code around the time ROOR comes in stock =)

  17. Fo sho fo sho.

    Those codes are badass.
  18. :laughing:
  19. I know I can get a gspot without the carb from the company. but I was wondering if maybe you guys could stock some carbless versions?

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