Molino Mini

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  1. Hey everybody, i just wanted to upload a video of the mini and tell people it's out there, when I was buying this I never could find a good picture of it in someones hand nor a video of it. So here you go.

    [ame=]YouTube - Molino Mini - Milk & Clear[/ame]

    Milk & Clear video
  2. damn i expected it to be bigger, anyway its looks cool.
  3. what sort of abomination was that music?
  4. Pre fresh, I like small bongs, can take on a trip and whatnot, toss it in your backpack rolled up. Nice.
  5. that things cool. how much it run you.
  6. Pre cheap from GC.
  7. haha, this is funny for several reasons
  8. it's like 15$ with 5$ shipping and theirs I think 8 variations of it, kind of like a novelty thing I guess, if you wanted the whole collection, I like it stand alone only thing thats kinda fucked is that you cant remove the downstem/bowl, so scraping it isnt easy, although it is easily cleaned with rubbin and sea salt, and the carb is kinda small and dosnt have enough power to rip like anyother.

    but something interesting if any of you care, i've tried it out with crushed ice on the downstem and blocked the carb and you can easily clear any bowl you could load in it with the added filter.

    I'd recomend it, it's cheap, good glass for the money, it's a 1 hitter bong, and i've brought it to some random partys, where friends were just loading personals, would rip it a couple times and pass, while a bigger bong was in rotation..... Good times.

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