Molino Mini Size Comparison (Hi-Rez)

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  1. Little bit of usage since I cleaned it this morning but I figured someone might want to know.
    Very nice mini bong, Completely recommend it lol.

  2. omg thats fuckin small! How much do they run?
  3. They're like $15 bucks right here on GC
  4. It's like 20$ shipped, It's pretty nice piece though, kinda like a 1 hitter bong.
  5. the reviews say it hits harrd.
  6. Yeh it's a nice smoke, very enjoyable, you can also keep it milked for like 10 secs since it requires nothing to pull the full tube of smoke.
  7. I used to have that exact same one. The glass where the stem connects to the body broke because my gf tried to take it out (to use in her bong). Even when cleaning it, I wouldn't recommend taking the stem out ever, or else the glass could broke because you need a lot of force to remove the stem.
    It was a good bong otherwise! Good for stealthy smoking, but it doesn't come close to a bigger bong with more water and a sliding stemmed bowl.
  8. well no shit it's a 15$ mini lol what are you expecting?
  9. I was thinking of getting one

    now i think i will
    its only 18 bucks shipped with the discount

    and i just really want a bubler (sold mine for a quad of shrooms)

    o well

    cant wait for it!
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    Wow, the pic on GC doesn't really look legit but that little guy is fuckin sick! I am definitely ordering one.

    With such a short tube isn't there major splash though? I want to find a way to hook it up to the hose on my DBV, how big is the slide? Anyone think it will slide over?
  11. I just got one even though I didn't order it. Grasscity sent me the wrong thing :(
  12. I think I will be getting this when I get my next paycheck. I have cash now, but I need something to smoke on. :)

    I hope I actually get what I order though. Hah.
  13. Wow that looks sick, but can I get an in-hand or milkshot pic?
  14. Damn! I had no idea they were that mini. Pretty handy little piece though
  15. do these come shipped discreetly
  16. I have a Molino Mini as well but it's the #2 design with ball shaped glass at the bottom so you can get more smoke. it packs great bowls.. i reccomend putting .3 to half a gram in this baby and get it all in one hit you will be blazed and may not even be able to clear it. i'm still working on .5 lol.
  17. lol!
    i might go ahead and get one soon
    milk vid please op?
  18. Sorry for reviving an old thread, but I am looking into buying one of these mini bongular devices and I can't find what the joint size is anywhere. I'd really like to buy a precooler or at least a larger replacement bowl for it. If anyone knows, please let me know!
  19. I'm pretty sure the bowl is fixed, meaning you can't switch out the bowl and you have to clear it with the carb.
  20. I had one of these. Worth it

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