molgar has joined the city.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by molgarrawr, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. hey, i finally gave in and joined the city of grass! i'm an 18 year old gal from maine.
    my favorites are jack herer and alaskan thunderfuck. i enjoy a good blunt with my friends (don't we all!) and then a walk in the woods.

    it's good to be here!

    happy smoking! :smoking:
  2. Molgar! Welcome to the city!!

    Ah the blunt, I'm ok with em, but i'd rather hit like a 7 foot glass bong anyday!

    Woo thunderfuck is one of my favs also!! I've smoked a few lbs of it back when a good friend exclusively grew it for a while, mmmm mmmm good times!

  3. haha, i have yet to try a 7 foot glass bong! sounds like a party to me.

    dude, i had some beautiful alaskan thunderfuck a few months ago, it was a rare treat, especially for where i live! it was sticky as hell and absolutely delish. good times. :smoking:

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