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  1. I have been seeing some mole hills a bit to close for comfort.  anyone know a eco friendly way to deter the little fuckers? 

  2. Mole or Voles  just tunnel and eat bug and provide aeration (good or bad).. gophers on the other hand are much worse and they make mounds, Are you sure they are moles?
  3. Pretty sure because our dog has managed to kill a few. Their small with the mole snout.
  4. moles are bad they eat ur roots will kill half a plant maybe the whole plants or maybe it'll just nibble enough roots you cant tell but the plant never grows.. still want a friendly answer? unfriendly answer is stick a water hose in his dig hole and he'll come diggin up for air and thats when it gets ugly shoot him stomp him sick the dogs on him whatever but end its life..
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    Duct tape, garden hose, and your car exhaust.

    Works everytime.

    EDIT: Carbide lamp fuel works also..but be warned it is lethal 2 you...and only works if they haven't made too big of a tunnel system. They discontinued sale of the stuff here in Or. Ive only got half a can left, so I prefer the exhaust method. Course if Exxon raises prices anymore.(any bets on how many refineries will have issues this year?...elections over, i say none)
  7. Just fucking dandy.  I am at war
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    Moles eat worms mainly. But they'll tunnel right thru your girls to get em.

    Voles eat roots mainly.( they also girdle plants.... :( )

    Just informing bro.
  9. Well the only ones that give me trouble is gophers not moles 
  10. Id suggest you hire Carl Spackler. ;)
  11. Yeah but i cant play golf worth a fuck.. But i can sit in my chair and pop a golf ball all day long with my pistol while drink in beer :cool:
  12. You can go to the dermatologist

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  13. I was at lowes yesterday and they sell kits for that now. I was cracking up.
  14. Ok I've been flooding the fuck out of them and the little cocksuckers won't show.  When are they most active? I'll use a spotlight if I have to
  15. Whack a mole. I got video of the wife chasing them with a shovel in the yard. It was rather funny.
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    makes me wonder now i know one of my plants got hit last year by a tunneling rodent the plants drooped all over and there was a dig trail to the plant i never saw the rodent my dogs dug it up and chewed it but a couple weeks after the incident i found another tunnel one morning i put the hose in the tunnel and out popped a mole with that wierd pig nose and sideways hands i smashed him on the head with my coffee cup.. thats all i know.. 
    i strung him up from from twined noose on one of my plants as a warning to any other moles but it was hot in the summer and i forgot about the hanging mole couldnt figure out what the fuck that smell was for like a week..
  17. That weed smells like something died on it.. Better give it to me so I dispose of it properly for you.. :bongin:
    Any of the tunneling rodents are bad news.. look for gopher gassers.. light them and shove down the hole..
  18. Mike Trichs Appian Way.....

    Look unto them and dispair, all ye who would tunnel forth!

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