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  1. Anyone fuck with moles at all? (tobacco and mary jane bong snaps). Provides one hell of a rush n gets you nice n cozy stoned after. Took a ice wax mole the other day and saw stars for a few minutes, can over due them pretty easily on the downside. Haters gone hate.

  2. Have no idea what your talking about dude...

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    pretty self-explanatory haha.
  4. Fuck tobacco, even though that is my one addiction, it is stupid as shit to smoke it. :smoke:
  5. Mole squad, that's what's up

  6. You mean you intentionally load a bong with tobacco? Thats just nasty as fuck.
  7. I've been diggin them a lot lately.  Great smoke and helps conserve your herb.  I was going to make a thread like this.  Only I call them choppers (choppa or chompa)
  8. i smoke spliffs when i feel like rolling but moles are terrible imo
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    I think I would throw up taking a hit of tobacco from a bong. I'll only do it if it's in a joint.
  10. it can be only a little tobacco with mostly green, just adds a little nice instant rush. i can see why some people would hate it tho.
  11. yeah im my area the kids call em blams. last maybe year or so it's gotten really popular all the stupid kids doing it. 
    disgusting shit if you ask me. was doing that stupid shit when I was little and didn't make some huge deal about it like some people do, and it really is genuinely disgusting (and that's coming from someone who smokes cigarettes...)
  12. Just curious why do you think it's so much nastier than cigarettes? I don't smoke them can't stand them tbh but love the instant moke head rush. Isn't using natural tobacco through water and a LOT less of it not nearly as bad as smoking multiple cigs a day? Haha. Still love my green rips too tho...

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    It ruins the taste of your weed, makes your bong taste and smell like ass for like a week, and just gives you a cheap headrush. most people I know that did that a lot stopped and don't anymore because "we all started coughing up black shit" (and I'm not making that up either lmao). either way, if I want to smoke weed, I want to smoke weed, not dilute it with shit
  14. The only thing that I mix cannabis with is more cannabis. IMO tobacco tastes and smells nasty. Awful stuff. Yuck !!
  15. word so just a personal preference, like i said i always love my green solo too haha. Im curious is to if they are worse than say smoking a cig a day or not as bad because its through water. idk. 
  16. Used to smoke poppers all the time.  Great way to conserve bud.  Load small amount of batch for a screen, top it off with a hefty helping of herb, burn the herb and pull through, always burn a little batch but definitely hits you hard.  Only would recommend doing these if you smoke cigs.
    Now-a-days I am all about that pure herb.
  17. My friends used to do this, I used to smoke cigs but moles? fuck man those things are disgusting.
  18. lol i think the exact opposite.. 
  19. Have fun with that!
    when you smoke cigarettes you just take puffs or just normal drags
    when you blam/chop/popper you take big fat rips of tobacco into your lungs, the water allows you to intake more smoke

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