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Moldy marijuana!?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Phero, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. Okay, so here's the deal. I bought an oz. and I decided to store it in a mason jar with a moist paper towel taped to the underside of the lid to keep it fresh. I had one fairly large nug that I didn't touch, but when I got it out today, it looks as if mold has been growing on it.

    Has anyone seen this before? Is it still okay to smoke?
  2. sounds like you made the perfect environment for mold, stagnant moist air. Next time dont bother with the paper towel, it should stay just as fresh in the jar w/o moisture, you could probably slow down decay further by putting it in a dark freezer, but only if you have it in an airtight glass container, otherwise plastic containers wont keep out frost. As for smoking, it shouldnt be harmful, only slightly ass tasting...
  3. You caused the mold with the wet paper towel sealed in the jar.. you never do that!!...always completely dried smoke for long term storage.....if not completely dry,,,you must open jar daily to air it out humidity....

    you decide on smoking it,,,,I might not unless the outside mold could be should never smoke mold.....

  4. nubbin beat me

  6. its not true critter, its just a stoner rumor, same story goes for people considering smoking shrooms..everyone panics and tells them that theyre gonna have spores growing in their lungs with various diseases etc. The truth is, spores are destroyed at lower temperatures than even thc, hence when you smoke it, theyll be 'taken care of" by the heat...

    EDIT: as for eating that moldy shit...who knows, maybe you'll grow tumors in your intestines...
  7. i'm smoke that shit up
  8. I added the moistened papertowel as a tip I received from my brother. But I guess from now on I'll store it dry :)

    Thanks guys. Toke on.
  9. well go kick that boy in the balls phero
  10. nubbin said "slightly ass tasting".....what does ass taste like?..ive always wanted to try it, just kinda been intimidated by the brown eye staring at me ALL THE TIME
  11. I wouldn't smoke it. Critter's right when he says that mold spores can get in your lungs and cause damage. Mold spores cause serious allergies for some people.

    I thought that I had learned about mold spores being able to withstand extreme temperatures in one of my many biology classes in college. I found an article by John N. Rhoades who is a Registered Respiratory Therapist and here is an excerpt from it:

    "For those with allergies and asthma, it's not the mold itself that's the problem, it's the spores produced by mold that causes the familiar symptoms. The mold itself it basically a colorless strand of cells that grow, branch, and extend over a given area. These strands are visible to the naked eye as hairlike filaments. When conditions are right, molds create "fruiting bodies" that produce the hard shelled spores that are then release into the air. Mold spores are known for their almost indestructible shells. Microscopic in size, these spores are able to withstand temperature extremes and harsh environments that kill other forms of life. As with pollen grains, each spore is unique to its species of mold. Due to their microscopic size mold spores are able to bypass our body's usual defenses and penetrate into the small airways. For those people allergic to that particular mold spore, it produces the familiar allergic response and asthma symptoms. Control of mold and mold spores generally revolves around reducing humidity, air circulation, and depriving molds of nutrients."
  12. Nubbin is right. Spores in anything are burnt and gone at a low heat.

  13. True, but they still cant withstand the heat of a burning flame, they can withstand heat to an extent, which is hotter than most things can, but they wont harm you if you burn them.
  14. Oh you guys will love this...

    I said 'fuck it' and decided to use the stuff, and I'm an asthmatic also! No problems here!
  15. good new, i think some people are overly paranoid about the freshness of their bud. This guy I work with had some kind buds that were a bit old and fairly dry. He was worried there might be some mold on it so he gave an eighth to me and elementxero. It was dry but still potent as hell and tasted fine to me.
  16. hell yes, and if anyone wants to do the same just pm me and ship it down here, we ain't picky!

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