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  1. Hi all I started this plant in april. Today I went to take my plant out of the closet and found my leaves are turning yellow at a fast rate. When I pulled apart the top buds to take a look at it There was all this moldy shit. Oh gosh was I very upset. I cut the top of the buds off with the mold, All the other buds are looking great. Can I save this buds? I am into 4th week of flowering it. I am so dissapointed. She had a top bud of 10 inches round, I am not kidding. What can I do with this what is left . When I cut the top of a few weeks ago, It grew and gave me 4 bud tops. These grew together and when I pulled the buds apart to check out my plant and I noticed it , I found all this mold hidden in the buds. You can see a few of my other pictures in my forun on help me new plant. Please anyone do you have any info for me. The buds that are left on the plant are about 6-7 inches long and about 2 inches thick. Help!!!

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  2. I forgot, The top picture is about 2 weeks ago and the moldy one I found today. My leaves started turning yellow at first about 3 days ago. then I spotted the mold Help Me please!!
  3. Well... we need some more info. Whats your temps? Lights? Humidity?

    Do u test your PH? TDS? soil or Hydro?

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