Moldy buds?

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  1. Hello everyone!
    I've been growing some Northernlights from Sensi Seeds over the past few months and everything worked out pretty okay from seeds to harvest.
    I didn't get much (41g split up between two plants) but I'm okay with that. The problem I'm having now is happening 2 weeks after curing. There seems to be something growing on my buds, even though I'm not quite sure because it might just be the original THC. It consist of tiny blue/white dots hanging from tiny rods all over my weed. Some of my weed also seem to develop some kind of plushy/woolly white web on it.
    It's the very first time I'm experiencing with weed and I'm wondering if all of it is natural, and if not what I should do in order to save my harvest. Are the blue/white dots just THC instead of mushroom spores? Are their any kind of post curing diseases where the buds covers in this woolly web?

    I'll join pic related to help you diagnosed the problem.
    Thanks again for your support.

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