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  1. i got back from upnorth check on my plant and the crown nug went all moldy the rest of the plant is fine i dont understand , we just had a cold cold nite and rainy would that cause it?
  2. Neglect while you were away was mold's friend.. just a few days is all it needs, and yes humidity helps(the rain), and if you didn't pretreat it for mold by spraying something to prevent it, that's another reason.. But don't feel surprised or alone(tons of pot molded this season), it's perfectly normal for the bigger more dense main cola to mold leaving the smaller stuff for you..
  3. mold so far only took about a Grams worth so far but its very easy to lose your stuff to it right now. Im choping mine now, maybe like a week early, I figure its better to get what i have now then i bunch of mold.

    Cut off the effected area 2 inches below and spray the plant with some hydrogen peroxide ( 1 tbs per quart)

    This rains prob been hell for most people right now and the rest of the week loooks like shit, good luck
  4. Yes.. The Rain is very bothersome.. indeed...
  5. i'm here in the endgame but they should go 1-3 weeks. but today i sprayed some Serenade on them, dat stuff is way stinky, I hope this won't affect the taste of my weed, how long does that smell take to go away, I figured it had to be harmless though, because it is recommended for so many fruits/veggies right up to harvest?

    give me some assurance.
  6. Bet if you took a close look you might find a big fat caterpillar feasting on the crown jewel. Take a clos:devious:er look
  7. >caterpillar
    no kidding? that is a thought, that might make sense because it wasn't widespread, but dead.
    what about that serenade, i hope that stink goes away.
    anway, it is pouring rain right now, the first real soker we have had in weeks and weeks.
  8. It's pouring here right now too, and yes that is a good idea to check for those damn worms, or their poop at least.. that's a dead givaway.

    Dude.. when the rain stops you may want to spray them again.. and it is a bit smelly but the protection is worthit.. I've sprayed it the day of harvest and there was no taste/smell affect on the dried herb whatsoever.. and it ussually takes like a day to disipate the smell after you spray it....

    This rain is kinda frustrating.. but I'm suppose to get like 4 days of some sun this week so I'm holdin out for that.. But man, next week is suppose to rain all week too, makes you wanna just cut them down.. but I'm gonna count on the third week in Oct being ALL SUN.. ehehhe here's hoping...

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