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  1. is it possible for a bud being dried in front of a fan to get mold in 2 days?

    i am drying a early test of some WW and i got it in front of a 18 inch industrial fan on 24 hrs.

    It really shrunk i mean from half dollar size girth to like a nickel.

    smells nowhere near as good as it did 2 days ago.

    and on the leaf left from manicure there color is dark teal with white.

    I tried the box method but only place that is not 70% humidity is in grow room.

    i tried bag method and they smell like ass but are in cure now.

    even at this early stage day 49 flower what iv consumed so far is far stronger than the schwag around here.

    now is the nasty smell due to them not being mature enough?(the buds iv tried have more than 50% orange hair)
  2. First, to tell the maturity of pot you need to look at the trichomes, to do that you need a microscope /magnifier of 30x power or better to see them, a cheap one can be gotten at radio shack. if your humidity get some absorbent to put into your bag with the pot. A cheap way of making an absorbent is to take a swatch of cloth, appx. 4"x4" put a couple of tablespoons of table salt in the cloth, close it with a rubber band and put it into the bottom of the bag. Good luck.

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