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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Leoo617, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. Anyone see mold on my 1/8th? :smoking::wave:

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  2. Nope. Nice size lookin eighth though, smoke up man!
  3. Yea man really bubble gum taste to it but its no name, nice body high. Stay Stoney.
  4. Fat 8th, nice purple buds. Enjoy!! :bongin:
  5. Thats not really a good enough pic to tell if theres mold
  6. How bout this ?

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  7. Better lighting bro
  8. Too bright hold on this one is better

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  9. I think you're good man. Hows it smoke?
  10. Nice looking bud!
  11. I'm gonna be smoking on this for a while but this stuffs really smooth strong flavor, been using my glass filter Instead my usual put a lil nug filter don't know if that affects taste or not.
  12. Glass filter? Are we talking bongs here? Lol
  13. Glass screen you can say, don't know why people never seen them. I find them better than metal one's.
  14. I just never really heard anyone substituting the word screen with filter lol But I have always wanted to try them though!
  15. My Local Head Shop said the same thing, they are the best you can clean them and reuse as many time's as you want if you'r careful. Sell'em 3 for 5$
  16. Sweet. I'll have to pick some up. Saw a picture of them once and they looked pretty cool
  17. Yea man for sure, way easier snaps too.
  18. No mold guy ! Looks like pretty decent chron, enjoy the smoke ! And may I ask how much that eighth cost you?
  19. 40 dollar's man what a steal huh.
  20. That's the fattest eighth ive ever seen..

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