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  1. I have a plant in a pot that sat outside during a tropical storm. Few days later, there is some green slime that looks like mold or something. What should I do?
  2. Hmm. I'm no scientist, but it sounds bad to me.

    I would toss it and learn from the experience.

  3. what kind of answer is that? don't toss it out, see if it will make it. wipe the slime off and spray the plant down with water if you have to.
  4. On the dirt?
    On the trunk?
    On the leaves?

    And so as to laugh rather than cry, how the fu@k did the plant make it through a tropical storm?????
  5. On the dirt. And it was in a pot, in a field, inside a tire. I guess luck.
  6. Sounds like regular old algae slime, too much water. Shouldn't be fatal but it can sure mess up nute absorption. Scrape as much off as you can, even if a little top dirt is sacrificed. Let the plant dry out more, and cover the surface of the soil with a black plastic sheet cut to fit. If it doesnt clear out in a few days on its own, you might try your local aquarium shop for a natural algae remover that's safe for plants.
    That was a tomato plant, right? Just in case they ask?
  7. Fo sho growin some dank tomatoes:D but the fl sun seems to have helped, and the clone quit flowering.

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