Mold... sigh :(

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  1. I had a diesal ass motherfuckin plant. The main cola was probably a quarter by itself. So.. overnight apparently it got raped by mold :eek::confused::eek:

    This was yesterday, so I threw away the parts with mold and salvaged the rest of the lower buds, they are drying now. I hope they don't get mold/have mold already :(

    This shit is dank as fuck man. I cut open the main cola to just look before I tossed *cry* it. It was a very light green almost yellow color covered with trichs :(, amber and white ones, some were so big you could literally see them if they fell on your hand.

    Then it got thrown away :cry::cry::cry:

    But, I still got like 3/5 of the plant left. Im hoping it doesn't get mold too, and i hope it's safe to smoke.

    The other thing... I have 2 more plants flowering about 5 feet away from where it was. I hope mold spores or some old bullshit dont fuck them up too. They are probably 4 times larger than this plant I had, and smells similar so I hope these are dank too, but I hope they last and dont get some bullshit mold.

    Help anyone?

    (p.s. 2 weeks ago I took a sample of the plant and dried and smoked.. dank as fuck :) )
  2. Why would you throw it away?

    I'd cut the parts off still dry it and hash it...
  3. Outdoor or indoor grow?

    Indoor once you get mold it can spread very rapidly. Especially if you have a fan on. They propagate through tiny tiny spores.

    Your best bet would be to remove your other plants out if your growing indoor and scrub the whole area throughly including the fan etc.

    If your growing indoors proper ventilation and humidity might be a cause.

    Sux bro.

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