Mold Prevention?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by trixman22, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Is there a way to help prevent mold on out door plants other then try to keep the plant itself dry? I lost half my OG kush plant to mold and I dont want that to happen to any other of my ladys. Any help would be much needed.
  2. Well I dont know about OG KUSH far as mold resistance and all but you would want to get strains that are suitable for your climate and not just the strain that you want exactly or whats most popular where you are.Humidity is high where I live so ofcourse i have researched into finding strains with great mold resistance!Far as Og Kush goes look up Dr.Greenthumbs OG KUSH strains are expensive but good!Check for mold resistance!Oh, and something Ive tried after reading ofcourse after a heavy rain you need to shake the plants literally to try to get as much of the water off as possible.I also used that tech..on tomatoes this year gently shook tomatoes and the water was on the bottom of tomatoes though and i got it off so it wouldnt i guess you could say rot them!
  3. I just pick up what ever the clinics best strains are when I start my crop. I grow medical strains for I am a medical user.
  4. RMS (ReeferManSeeds) Kodiak Gold is the most mold resistant strain i know of. It is from Kodiak Island growers and therefore needs to be super mold resistant. Most quality seed banks will provide a mold resistance rating.

    Inspect often and harvest branch/plant) at first sign of mold.
  5. Well far as medicinal use are you looking for a Indica dominant strain with plenty couchlock that'll take away pain if so go with dr.greenthumbs endless sky and it does have great mold resistance great yield to!
  6. I will have to try that one next year. For the season is almost over.
  7. You were given 2 great suggestions for mold resisting strains, here's a 3rd one (my personal preference)

    Kiwi Seeds 2 Pounder
  8. Have you growen Kiwiseeds 2pounder and if so please elaborate about this strain!
  9. takes longer to flower so may not be good for you, maybe for the person who started the thread but depends where you are.
  10. i suggest serenade spray, i use it after every rain. It seems to work really well and has no harm to the plant/bud. And if you do see mold, spray it and it will kill it within a few hours. Also Be sure to pick off the infected area, but do so after spraying so you do not knock off mold spores that are alive as they will infect other areas of the plant. I personally recommend greenhouse seed co. They have a few very nice strains that are mold resistant. I am growing big bang and lemon skunk from them this year and they more then surpassed my expectations. happy toking:smoking:

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