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  1. i live in an extremly humid area. during the summer it is constantly above 50% humidity. is there any sort of spray i can put on my plants to prevent mold from growing?
  2. I was told by a few people on here that you can put 1ml of Hydrogen Peroxide in a spray botle of water (1L) and use that once and a while it can prevent and kill any mold.

    Hope that helps.

  3. There is milk, and there is Regalia.
  4. I do gorilla growing its bad humid. It just make my plants grow. In the last 4 years I lost less than 7 grams to mold. Just a nugget or two among 15 plants. The biggest cause of bud rot is over feeding. Here's a bud mold guide on the cause and prevention.
  5. I don't know where you live, but I live in a very dry and hot area. Our main cause of bud rot here is caterpillar damage. That can be treated with BT as pictured. I treat every Friday as maintenance for those little bastards and more if I see any. Peace :)

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  6. I used to talk with a grower in the Florida Key's in 90% humidity and his fix was to thin the big most mold prone colas by half. Just whacked off half the bud sites in early flower figuring half a harvest beat no harvest at all. Seemed to work as he was keeping himself supplied. Grew more sativa sided plants with a naturally more open build and smaller more spread-out buds in general.

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