mold? or nute gunk?

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    Hey! so im running a drip hydro bucket system and im about a week and ahalf into flowering.

    So i checked on the plant today and I noticed that some of the clay balls have like a white gooey stuff on they had been sitting in water too long you know? know how the salts fromthe nutrients sometimes build up on a dripper system?....well it seems like they built up on the actual clay rocks....except imnervous it will get inthe way of my plants health.

    Is it just the salts from the nutes? should I just flush them a little bit to get the salts off? Or could it be some sort of fungus or mold? I hope not, i imagine it would be much more of a pain in the keister :(

    All help that comes my way is super appreciated!

    Check out the pics in this thread to see what im trying to say?

    Thanks all and keep growing, most stuff i see on here is AWSOME :D

    smoke one! :smoke:
  2. Oh, my. On the clay pellets. Hummm...Good question. Let me ask around, and I'll get back to you, tomorrow, with, whats up. OK ?
  3. could it just be nute build up? Cause I run the pump 24 hours....the stones that have been most severely affected are right under where one of the dripper holes is...??

    Thanks a lot White Widow for the reeeeaaaallly hoping its not some sort of mold or could hurt my roots right? :(
  4. So far I dont see it hurting my plant......but I have been flowering for 2 weeks now and have just started to see the tiny little flowers coming out. Cant tell what kind yet.

    No one has any ideas about this yucky gunk?

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