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  1. So..i've had this plant growing for a couple weeks now and I originally found the seed in a baggy of weed from one time of picking kush up from my dealer (only my 2nd time in 4 years i've found seeds). Excitedly, i planted the seed in a pot of MG potting mix after a root grew from the seed in a glass of water, and everything has been going well until now.
    the first time I had a plant (about 4 months ago, the ACTUAL first time i found seed(s)) I forgot to punch a hole out of the bottom of the planter, and I didn't understand why it grew mold. Well, I killed it! Now, this one is getting some funky whiteness ontop, but I' punched the hole out, now have an entire eco-system in my closet (a fan, light, etc) and it seems to be happening again! Is this neutral or beneficial whitestuff, or should I be considered i'm somehow over-watering and killing it again? PLEASE help! I'm desperately trying to grow my own as I spent like 120$ a week on weed..

    Also, here are some pictures.. It's faint as the moldy white stuff looks new, but you can spot it in specs all over the dirt, namely by the root. I've touched it aswell, and it rubs off..should I collect what I see and throw it out?
    ANY advice would be awesome! Cheers.


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    It's just trichoderma. It breaks down organic matter in the soil for the roots to uptake.
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