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mold on weed.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jaemercs, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. well i recently decided to clean the rest of the jelly out of a jar and store my weed in it.. could this cause weed to grow moldy? and does moldy weed have a differnt taste .. because i was scared to burn a little bit ago i took to hits and it tasted funny.. could this be because it was sitting is a stawberry jelly jar? or would that have nothing to do with taste.. because i did notice the weed smells a little like straw berry
  2. before burning i was thinking about if it was dry enough when i put the weed in.. so now im just kinda buggin and trying to make sure im good
  3. Storing weed in a sealed glass jar is actually the preferred way to cure (IE store) long term. Of course the weed needs to be fully dried and the jar needs to be clean (i'd send it through the dishwasher first).

    As far as the smell, you sure it wasn't just some Papaya or Strawberry Cough smoke you got? If not then clean the jar first dude!
  4. it was juciy fruit weed... and the jar still had a smell of the strawberries and it kinda made the weed smell like it too and now it taste differnt
  5. just send the jar through the wash, and maybe hit it with a little bleach (rinse out the jar thoroughly after doing that though :) ). the only reason the jar would have given your weed a bad taste was if you didn't wash it out carefully enough. if you're confident you washed it well, then your weed just has a funky taste to it when cured well. some bud is just like that i guess.

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