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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Kwaidan, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. Hey everyone,
    I'm hoping someone has had a similar problem to mine... I've got some beautiful girls growing in my back yard... they're all between 6 and 7 feet tall, all just starting to show those beautiful white pistils. But I keep having this mold problem.... it shows up on different places, sometimes on the lower stem...those are about 2-3 inches thick..,. sometimes on the upper skinny stems... wherever it appears, the plant immediately droops and looks like death is near. I don't water them from above... I use a soaker hose so only the ground gets wet (I've had problems with bud mold before too). I check my babies every day and every day some other area is infested with the stuff. I've been using some all purpose fungicide stuff but I'm only using that on places where the mold has been and I keep getting new mold. I don't want to cut off any other stems... someone help! Any ideas? I live in So Cal near the water and it's humid and foggy a lot this time of year.... so there might be nothing I can do. :(
  2. HIGH All, I had Powdery Mildew a few years back on some indoor plants...I thought I had enough circulation but no...brought some more fresh air from outside and another fan. It clear up for me after that.

    Providing enough aeration and growing room...prune and train properly in such as way as to reduce shading and increase air circulation, remove the infected leaves. I heard neem oil and jojoba oil can be used. Hope you make out All right and let us know how it grows.
  3. Unoit, thanks for the reply... good advice on the pruning and neem oil, I have heard about that... will try it out. :)
  4. i had the same problem too, but this was about a week after germination. I figured that the problem wasnt enough heat. You say its foggy there so the moisture also would contribute to mold growth
  5. Well since I last wrote I have come across the advice to make a solution out of water, bleach, and baking soda and spray that on the mold. (Mostly water... like, 1 cup water and 1/2 teaspoon of bleach and soda). This does kill the mold and it doesn't seem to come right back (which had been my problem) If any of you have this same mold problem on buds, it will work, but it will turn the pistils brown... but if you've got a mold problem and you want to stop it, this works. If the plant is otherwise healthy, it will grow new pistils and bud after the mold is stopped.
  6. in case anyone else gets this, here's a pic of the mold stuff I have been getting on the basal stems of my plants. The solution of bleach and water kills the mold but the damage remains. Luckily cannabis is good on recovery from stuff like this

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