Mold on soil top?

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  1. My soil has a layer of what looks to be mold over the top of it.... like a white fuzzy spots.....

    I think it has to do with the oats i added in the soil....

    any advice?

    Im thinking H2O2
  2. a white fungus will sometimes develop on the top of your soil but usually only if you havent disturbed the soil for quite some time; is this the case?

    How do the plants look? The white fungus I'm talking about is actually a beneficial fungus and can just be aerated into your soil mix.

    I wouldn't worry too much about it if the plants still look ok, disturb the top layer of soil and mix it around, your soil needs air and time to dry out or you will always have this problem..
  3. The soil is only about 4 months old...

    I started brewing up an aact ill let the ladies dry out untill its ready. only 12 hr brew window here in the winter :(
  4. The soil is only about 4 months old...

    Does it possibly mean im over watering?

    I started brewing up an aact ill let the ladies dry out untill its ready. only 12 hr brew window here in the winter :(
  5. The mold is a fungi and harmless but, can attract fungus gnats and other unwanted visitors that can harm your plants.

    If the white mold is only on the top layer of soil, scrape it up with a fork and decrease the frequency of watering the plant receives. Always plant in containers with drainage holes to allow excess water to flow out.
    Better light, higher humidity and air circulation help keep all plants healthy.
  6. It possibly means that your soil is alive!

    If they are very fine silvery white strands, then more likely than not it is due to adding the oats, and you have nothing to fret over.

    You might want to do a web search and key in 'old man beard' or 'santa beard'.

    Hope that helped.
  7. let the soil dry out more between waterings and next watering mix a bit of peroxide in your jug (forget what the recommended amount is, but Im sure its on here somewhere)

  8. DON'T do it would kill the fungi

    this isn't a hydroponics medium, it's organic soil...that is mycorrhizal fungi and good news for that organic soil.
  9. How bad would it be to do

    small dose h2o2



    im kinda thinking about just repotting it althou its in week 2 flower....
    its a way better mix then the compost/old ffOAF
  10. Why do you apply peroxide to a flesh wound?

    Perhaps the better question is, "why do you have such a strong desire to kill this fungus"?
  11. You don't need to use h2o2......More than likely it is beneficial...Let dry out between waterings, good intake and exhaust, and a oscillating fan...
    I get this sometimes with ewc and a little air dose the trick....
  12. I've got the same thing going on top of my soil, but I've got a self wicking system going. There's a few picks in my journal tward the end if you wanna take a peek. It IS a good thing, but unless you're using a sip you're probably overwatering.
    DON'T use peroxide unless you want to kill all the beneficial organisms in your soil :(
    Cut down on the watering if need be and litfa :D
  13. Is it similar to this picture?

  14. I'm gonna go with beneficial fungi you dont want to kill...
  15. This type of mold isn't a bad thing. I had it this year at the beginning of the season and it was the healthiest plants I've ever grown. No bud rot or pm issues. In organics you want a live soil and this is just evidence of that. You let things get a little too humid probably, so the beneficial mold became visible. It won't hurt your plants. Like mentioned already, just scrape it off and water less and/or get more airflow.... Just to make sure you don't get OTHER types of mold. This mold is fine.
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    I decided to try this new popular "LIFTA" technique. And nature took its course no more coating on the top of the soil and 5x better plant growth :]

    For those interested

    Organic Perpetual Scrog
  17. It's called Mycelium.

    It assists with nutrient cycling. Do a search on Wiki on it. You don't need or want to kill it.


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