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MOLD on pot - photos

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Lebowski, May 29, 2008.

  1. Id smoke it mate, i just finished a q that had little cobweb looking things on it and im fine. But i did have a tight chest for a few days, not sure if thats related though.
  2. well this one time i had weed that had a little bit of brown and black. i wasnt going to throw it away or die haha so i gave the first hit to my friend. he was like "oh thanks for the green hit bro!" and im just like "uhh...yeah...er...if you dont make it i love you man and ill see you on the other side" and he just looked at me ha. we smoked it though and it was fine. kinda sketched me out a little before though.
  3. could you possible cook with moldy weed?
    id hate to throw it out.
    id imagine the heat would kill the mold, and all the good stuff should be intact!
  4. I think this is just a strain with really dark purple genes.
    or someone fucked up and cooked it with the grow light
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    As someone who is unfortunate and lives in an area that gets 99% what my name suggests, I can say that you will know the difference between mold, and fibers from insects/mites. Beyond mold (and though I'm not proud i have smoked it) I have found no joke: coins, rocks, mouse turds (fo real), insects, fibers from insects, sand/grit, bird feathers and roaches (not the bugs lol). Obviously not all bought from the same person and it was over the span of many, many moons. I usually boycott the person that does this injustice onto me immediately.

    Anyway my take on mold is this, if you can't see it, you WILL smell it in the bag and taste it when it burns. It tastes, well like mold. Like a musty basement, or just musty nastiness. The first time I smoked mold was what seemed like eons ago and I did not then nor now have any effects from it. I'm not an advocate of it as I would avoid mold like the plague because it tastes like the plague lol.

    What I am saying is I have done some research in air quality. Mainly due to my interests in herb and chemistry and the harmful effects of say solvents used to make hash. The air we breath is FULL of carcinogens. A busy city/highway has TONS of harmful toxins in it and yet politicians point the fingers at smokers. Everything is okay in small doses, even mercury, lead, and many other things that we consider to be poisonous. Some people argue that our lack of exposure to harmful molds and bacterias is the very reason our immune systems are so weak.

    With that being said, there are molds that can cause serious health problems if there is LONG TERM exposure to them such as black mold, however that is not the mold found growing off of pot. The long term effects of bad molds are chronic fatigue or headaches, fever, irritation to the eyes, mucous membranes of the mouth, nose and throat, sneezing, rashes, and chronic coughing. In severe cases of exposure or cases exacerbated by allergic reaction, symptoms can be extreme including nausea, vomiting, and bleeding in the lungs and nose.

    There are molds that are actually beneficial to us such as penicillin, but there is no mold the increase the potency of pot, nor any that has similar effects of pot when smoked. It is just not possible. And If there were such a magic mold, then people would have found a way to make it available in pure form on the black market by now. What is funny is how that myth most likely came about. It does not take a genius to figure out that no one wants to buy moldy pot. The seller most likely made that BS up to sell it duh! How would anyone know it was better in the first place? Have 2 identical plants one moldy one not? I doubt that is how it went down, not too mention there are other explanations as to why one bowl,bong, or joint from the same plant seems more potent than another. Either way, SEE THROUGH THE BS PEOPLE!

    The key is moderation in my opinion. Every now and then should not cause any severe problems UNLESS you as a individual have an allergy towards mold(s). Research on molds (maybe not on pot) is readily available with a google search. Out of all I have read, it was all about "pro-longed" or "long-term" exposure. Remember, molds are not viral, or bacterial so they cannot give you a cold, flu, or any things of that nature. If you are smoking some and you get a headache or sore throat, then by all means STOP SMOKING IT!

    And when you make hash out of it with cold water, you must extract the mold out of the water. Generally it foams to the top, but I'm sure pollen extraction bags would work fine. Not sure about other hash methods but I have heard they work fine with moldy trim/buds.

    Anyway, I'm a noob to this site so sorry for the wordy response or if I did not post correctly.

  6. So if there is any type of mold on it, all of us have to throw our buds away? cant we just resort to some 90% ISO alc. and make some goo or oil?

    there has to be some way to plus-side on mold lol. theres gotta be a way to save the THC!!!
  7. I'm wondering the same thing. I just picked up 2 gs of some great smelling good looking sativa dominant type stuff. When I get home I break open a fat nugget and Lo and behold there is a minor civilization developing from the stem and radiating outward from there. So the outside of the weed looks good but the inside has this fuzzy white shit. I Here is my plan, I am going to cut the outer parts off of the bud to separate the fuzzy white inner part. Then I will proceed to microwave the good parts on low power for about 15-20 seconds, no longer. Then hopefully by using my bong i can avoid the bulk of mold. I can't afford to toss it and I can't bring myself to "give" it to a friend. Who thinks this is a good idea?

  8. I thought I read somewhere on here that using moldy pot to make edibles is perfectly fine?

    Although I could be completely wrong :p And yeah I can definitely understand you, not wanting to throw it away or give someone else moldy bud :eek:
  9. Ok so I smoked some. I just cut off the visibally infected part and smoked it, fuck making things complicated. No coughing, and the high is nice. the smoke was smooth in my bong which was dry by the way. So far smoking this moldy weed isn't bad by anymeans so I guess only time will tell. I'm not suggesting that smoking moldy weed is good by any means but I think alot of the bluster surrounding moldy pot is urban legend.

  10. haha that's me and life. enjoy it bro :wave:

    I'm gonna pack a few bowls tonight, and play Shattered Horizon and blow my mind :devious:
  11. Its quite dangerious if you're immune compromised, which is a problem which would primarily affect members of the MMJ community. For healthy 16 year olds, its a minimal risk.


    The Aspergillus/Aspergillosis Website

  12. If I ever recieve a bag of moldy pot (which I have only once) I will just call people and tell them Im looking to get rid of bud and they will buy it :p
  13. Sorry for my total lack of knowledge in this area, but wouldn't the fire kill the mold before you inhaled? :eek:

    And Its nice to know what that looks like because I've smoked bud that looked like that before.

  14. The spores from the mold are the problem and they survive pretty much anything this side of hard radiation. Then, if you're immune compromised, when you smoke they settle into your lungs and grow large mold balls, which are hard to kill and sometimes have to be removed surgically.

    One example would be a kid with asthma on an immune suppressing inhalant therapy like Symbicort. That might knock his immunity back enough to let the mold spores sprout in his lungs.

    But for healthy people its generally not a big issue. The same molds are found in tobacco, esp. loose imported tobaccos that are used in hookas.

    If you're on immune suppressing medication, or you have a medical condition which suppresses your immune system, or allergies to mold, then avoid mold.

    They are trying to come up with standardized testing for mold in MMJ.
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    I ended up picking up another sack the next day so this moldbag has been sitting in my room for a while. Though, since that ive taken a second look, I'm not sure if that white fuzz I saw before was just overgrown stem fuzz or something. This was some dank shit and I'm running dry on the other bag right now. I never did get sick and Ive managed to cut back from smoking a pack or so a day to smoking one cig with a beer only when i am with friends. So maybe 2 or 3 the last 5 days.
  16. Smoke it looks dank.
  17. I have read 3 people on this post experiment with moldy weed. 2 had no effects and one claimed to have developed bronchitis. The 2 that had no effects took precautions to avoid the mold the best they could while the other sounded like he straight up took a hit of 1/2 weed 1/2 mold bowl. I am about to do another experiment myself taking slightly less precautions as the first 2. I had a small plant that yielded like an eighth. I started curing while it was still to moist and now parts of it have a white fuzz that looks like it could be cobwebs like from a silkworm or something. I am going to just scrape the mold off and only smoke the parts that didnt have any visible on it without further drying or anything. In the name of science, lets see what happens.
  18. Hopefully you didn't die man. :smoking:

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