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MOLD on pot - photos

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Lebowski, May 29, 2008.

  1. This is what it looks like.
    I had the chance to receive a batch of moldy pot specifically to take photos of it. So here are the results.
    It was hard to see on the dried flowers, from normal bud viewing distance, it looked like a dense cluster of chalky white trichomes, and could easily be mistaken for so. It was not widespread, only a few leaves here and there had visible accumulation, but remember if there is some visible, there are probably spores all over the bud.

    After looking at a close up, you can see the fibers of the mold are much smaller than the trichomes themselves, and you can see the fibers covering some trichomes entirely.


    I dont grow... so I can't say anything about prevention.
    Of course, I heavily discourage smoking anything with mold detected on it. Trashcan.

    I hope you find this informative, keep an eye out!

    ps, mods, sticky?

    pps, I moved this from sick plants/problems. I wasnt getting good feedback there.

    ppss, if you want to come in here and tell me how you'd still smoke it, don't, I dont want to hear about your irresponsibility, I just want people to know how to recognize mold.
  2. great shit def. +rep. i know a lot of ppl are always asking questions on their weed being moldy. this should even be a sticky. such a same to see mold on those dankidy dank dank lookin nugs.
  3. This is good. Searching hasn't turned up many results in the way of visual evidence of mold, so I'm glad someone actually did this.

    Can't say I've ever come across moldy weed, but I know some growers just want to make money, so they either soak it for weight (causing covered mold), or fail to dry it properly (causing spotted mold).
  4. i read somewhere that mold increases the potency of weed?
    is this true?
    me personally..
    i wouldnt smoke anything with mold on it..
    i get really sick if im around a little mold so i wouldnt put it in my body..

    but thanks for the pics man..
    now i know what to watch out for..
  5. I agree this has sticky potiental, we always discuss moldy weed but very rarely actualy have pics to show what it looks like... great thread +Rep for sure!!
  6. Thanks for the rep and feedback.
    Yes omega, the guy who gave me the bud was concerned with the lack of visual aids for mold on pot. He gave me his moldy crap specifically for me to document it.

    Savage, mold definately does not increase potency. Unless i'm unaware that powdery mildew produces THC, then no. And while it hasn't really been researched, common sense points toward smoking mold is bad for you.
  7. Ide chunk the nasty part and smoke the rest:smoke:

    weve all smoken tiny mold spots now and then.
  8. thats what i thought man..
    i was like how does that shit increase it?
    but just checkin..
    im highly allergic an easily reactive towards mold..
    so i would never smoke nothin like that haha..
  9. Haha I wouldn't take the risk of getting an untreatable lung infection just to get high.
  10. great post
    happens a lot when people bag up herb before it has time to cure and dry
    such a shame :(
  11. Do not smoke anything with mold on it. Or any part of anything with mold on it. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it is not there. Chalk it up to a loss. Mold can make you seriously sick.

  12. word.

    Rep+ buddy. Smoking mold is a big No No
  13. yea just because the bud isnt entirely covered with visual mold doesnt mean it isnt covered in spores that you cant see without a scope. if theres mold toss it its not worth getting your lungs fucked over.
  14. nice post lebowski maybe ve vant cuts off your johnson!

    do you ever make hash with molded buds? i read alot of people say its okay for BHO or cold water extract, and i read alot of eeps saying no its not ok
  15. +rep, now all we need is a pic of the infamous THC worm
  16. are you kidding me? thoes are beautiful trichs man... the more the merry...
  17. I have also heard that a controlled mold increases potency as well as weight and that this is why commercial growers sometimes mold their bud. Anyone have any sources regarding this information?

    I personally don't smoke moldy buds, however I have received some moldy herb before and simply removed all visible mold and put it in a blunt.

    Definitely not somthing to fuck with though..
  18. Dude, you are stright up ignorant. You could get someone seriously sick with your lack of knowledge and flagrant ignorance.
  19. is there a spider mite or a type of plant mite that leaves behind silky webs in buds?

    i ask because i got a O of some homegrown a while back and i wasnt sure if the white stuff was mold or a type of silk or web from a insect

    it didnt really look like the mold in those pictures so its making me think even more that it wasnt mold on the buds i got but instead it might have been from a bug of some sort...?


  20. I know what you're talking about, and I think I have a picture, brb.

    edit: Yes, here look:
    Obviously, it wasnt widespread. I actually only noticed those fibers once I was in photoshop looking at the picture, so it wasnt very obvious and there was little of it.
    Sort of looks like spider web type strands. I DO NOT KNOW what that is, if its mold or not, and I smoked that bud, it tasted normal (the fibers were not widespread anyway).
    If anybody has info on this, it's appreciated because I don't remotely know what it is.

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