mold on jiffy pellets, help plz.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by f4istunna, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. first timer...aeroponics system (working great!!!) has root gaurds on the baskets but when i lift them up the jiffy pellets are starting to get a whiteish mold on them. :confused: what can i use to rid this safely? thanks in advance!! :smoke:
  2. More powdery mildew? or salt build up?

    Lots folks getting this in rez and everywhere.

    I'm not a big help here. Only read books, and forums. There are soaps for mildew and build ups.

  3. Mold not salt built up. I'm using clearex 2 help prevent that.
  4. there's a thread next door w/powdery mildew. Maybe the city can help.

  5. check your Pm's f4istunna
  6. I want a pm GG.

    Your dad neva teach you to share? Only people w/something to hide;Hide. Little boy attitude and actions.
  7. Hmmm....aeroponics and jiffy pellets ; never used that before but seems like a bad combination : something to rot and near-permanent wetness.
    I'd get rid of the jiffy pellets and only use things that cannot rot and absorb water.
  8. Flower Pharm w/pure Cinnamon oil.

    Check this out. A city member uses.When I remeber members name I'll edit in here.
    Says it will do the trick on WPM.

  9. It's me, but you have to control the moisture issues or it will come back. I got that at a nursery and had to use it directly on buds last year. It turned the hairs prematurely red, but did the trick.

  10. Yep! It was you. :)

    gl all ...alex

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