mold on growing buds

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by dagobaker, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. ok is there any spray i can use (organic if possible) on my growing buds to prevent mold?
    ive checked the buds and mold is starting to grow on some of the bottom going through the greenhouse and getting rid of anything not necessary
    but i feel like a spray that can keep mold at bay is a necessary thing if the rain we are getting (ne ohio) keeps up
    id rather have a spray than bad moldy bud........HELP PLEASE
  2. I've used Daconyl and haven't experienced any problems...except for that third nipple that's trying to grow on my chest :D

    You should be able to find it at the garden center of Home Depot or KMart or Lowes...

    Not organic. I think you could use copper or sulfur to help control fungus.
  3. tomm to find something that works
  4. I was doing some online shopping when I found this site...thought you might find it helpful if you're looking for organic fungicide still. If not they have a lot of other organic garden supplies.
  5. ok im using an organic spray...............ive slowed the mold down but its not stopped....
    my front of the greenhouse is starting to finish now.......the middle in 2 weeks and the back 3 weeks away.............
    ive learned so much from this grow its amazing........i want a second try right now
  6. It seems to me like mold would be something that you really cant completely get rid of, ya know? You could spray it, but the stuff is still there. Maybe you wouldnt want to risk it, just toss em before it spreads anywhere else.
  7. im treating it like a cancer ......staying ahead of the spread and i can still have a nice harvest

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