mold on dirt

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by buddaone, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. I mixed my own soil using
    potting soil
    spag. peat moss
    bone meal
    blood meal
    de. lime
    green sand
    I put it in a resealble bag and when I opened it the next day there was this fuzzy mold growing on top. What is this? Is it bad for the plants, i mean do I have to start with new dirt or could I use the dirt? Should I just leave the bag open to the air?
    I forgot to mention that I already used some of the dirt to germ some seeds, now I see the same fuzzy mold in the peat pots around the edges. The seeds haven't sprouted yet should i start over?
  2. That will happen when you seal medium in a bag,,,your medium contains organic materials...leave it ventilated.

  3. That's what I was thinking but wasnt sure. Thanks for the fast reply.
  4. Glad to have been here...

  5. I planted 24 bbs--all from different bagseed and I'm anxious to see something. This is the first time I'm using art.lights. got a 400w hps w/mh conversion. am on day 2 of my experiment. should I put the light on or wait til they sprout? Will they germ faster w/ light?
  6. keep warm,,but wait until they sprout for the light,,,when they do pop out of the medium,,flourescent 2 inches above seedling will give them a great start......HID after they stabilize..

  7. I only have the hid lamp will this be a problem?
  8. Flourescents are cheap,,and Very worth the investment..good luck...


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