Mold on cannabis on harvest week??

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is this mold?

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  1. i'm about to cut my plant down after flushing for 1 1/2 weeks. I would flush longer but my landlord is doing an inspection this week. Anyways i noticed there was some dust looking substance on a stem i cut previously and it set it a red alarm to look for mold. Now i am paranoid at everything i see. I was looking today and i saw that one of my leaves looks real fuzzy around the edge u can see in the flash photo pic the leaf on the top right is kind of fuzzy, - is this mold?? Also the 2nd pic, i've been getting a lot of white spots on the smaller leaves. Let me know guys i dont want this harvest to go to waste!! image.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. you needed better air flow .I think thats what caused it haven't came across that .
  3. there was some bull shit i saw your gonna laugh okay that one guy name goerge cirvatas or w.e. that dude did something slowly put it in some water gently twisting the fresh plant's branch .And the mold just slowly floated up cause the gravity have I tried no
  4. a pic with ur hps off and in clear light would offer a reasonable if not experienced opinion

    the most likely option is ...yes

    if so gently wash the plant matter in a temperate bath water, with 10% bleach

    allow to dry in a warm wind 3-4 hours

    good luck
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  5. Never post a picture under flower lighting because you can't see anything other than the color of the light. Take it under natural lighting and give much information about your grow/plant as possible. Agree totally with Vostok above. Mold is generally caused by high humidity and lack of air movement around your plants. Is that a male plant? Kind of looks like you have seed pods...but it might just be the under development of the bud itself. Can't really tell by the picture. If you can brush it off, it's most likely mold. But trying to rid the plant of it is your only option.
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  6. once you have rinsed ur weed (alive or dead,) note how the mold has turn mushy and very shitty

    still highly contagious remove and trash carefully

    good luck

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