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Mold On Bud? [Urgent]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SkilledToker, Jun 7, 2013.

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    Hey I have a quick question. I picked up an eighth of white widow at my local dispensary, it was dry. Anyways, this was a week ago and a few days, and I noticed this white-looking spot, and I notice on some other buds, the bottom of the stem has a tiny white spot.

  2. looks fine to me bro. damn fine.
  3. That bud is totally contaminated.  If you send it to me I'll have the spores analyzed so I can tell you where they came from :)
  4. Where is the mold at? im unsure of what to look for? is it just from sitting in a moist enviorment to long?
  5. Dude its infested, mail it to me for safe disposal. (usually inceneration)

    Or just quit being a ----- and smoke yourself some time and money.

  6. Everything looks normal.
  7. ah..haha.
  8. That bud doesnt look very safe. It almost looks burnt lol, but obvi that couldn't be the case. I would toss that shit out because mold can be quit dangerous. 
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    If it does have mold then it is minimal. Smoke that sh!t.
  10. Dude why is there like black stuff on the buds in your grinder? Did you light the nugs on fire or something? Or was that just how it was when you cracked a bud open? If you broke open a nug and that stuff was there you ahould flush that shit down the toilet.
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    What is that black shit?  Like TreeofLife said, looks like you lit those nugs on fire lol
  12. I took a hit from my bong and then noticed the white spots and was thinking it was mold. It tasted musty and like bread mold kind of.
    Put a bowl in my bong took one hit
    Well I heard it can grow in your lungs if you inhale any
    the white spots
  13. dude I don't see any pics. But it it's mold pitch that.
  14. #14 Iluvatar, Jun 7, 2013
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    White spots aren't necessarily a sign of mold.  Does it smell funny?..besides the burned buds of course
    I see the spots but can't see it close up, the bud really looks fine
  15. Yeah smells like its musty
  16. Why why why ask random people on the internet? 
    You are fortunate enough to live in a medical state where you have a dispensary, why not ask the knowledgeable staff where you purchased it from? I am almost positive they will be able to help you more than us, and if it is in fact mold then they should never have put it on the shelves and will most likely reimburse you with more
  17. From the pictures it looks good to smoke.
  18. You could always make it into ISO hash
  19. Those are not trichomes?

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