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    Hey Gc so ill try to make this a quick one, i go to the location to examine the only 3 plants growing. about a week ago i noticed some brown/white spider webish stuff growing on the sides of the main cola of one plant. so i chopped that off and was in a hurry so i couldnt examine any longer. Now today i see wat seems to be alot more of that stuff but its only on the insides of my buds closest to the stem, the outsides of the buds look great. i even dissected and cut off one cola early to see how bad it is and it looks nasty..what should i do? cut all the plants down with it? are those buds all ruined or can i just cut that brown off and dry the rest? :(

    EDIT: sorry forgot to say its an outdoor plant, and my hypothesis is that they have mold because they do not receive any morning sunlight, not until about 1-2 o'clock do they get light..Maybe the morning dew is too much moisture with out sunlight to evaporate it and thats what caused the mold?...what you guys think?
  2. That sounds like it could be a spider-mite infestation. If its mold, then your plant is probably dead unless you can remove all of the mold and improve your ventilation to keep moisture levels under control. If it is a spider-mite infestation, then you need to get on those bugs fast and kill them. There are directions on how to rid yourself of mites in this section I believe. Some kind of spray is good for it.
  3. tru tru i wanted to take pics for u guys but both the cameras i have, have broken screens so its hard to do lol...i have seen lots of black long bugs on the leaves that try to hide inside the buds from me when i try to flick them you think maybe they had made webs inside?

  4. Well, I have actually seen these little buggers take perfectly healthy leaves, and use their webs to fold the leaf up into a little funnel in which they create a little home for themself. They usually do this around bud sites from what I have seen. But, I am not sure if that was spider-mites, or just plain ol' SPIDERS! Plus, that was outdoor growing. I know for sure that these spider-mites do infact make webs, but I don't know if they have a preferred location on the plant.
  5. hash is always an option.

    best of luck


  6. do you think if i made a type of hash it would kill whatever this is in the process?

    ill try to take pictures

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