Mold, Mites, or Over Evaluating?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by ZellGrows, Oct 13, 2022.

  1. Had signs on PM and bud rot during my first outdoor grow. Cut off any signs when they appeared. Buds looked great when harvested, wet trimmed, bud washed, and hung to dry in a tent at RH 55 - 65 (2 day window when RH pushed closer to 70) temp 55-65F. Once stems cracked when bent (7-10 days) I did a second trim, sweat, and began to cure. On my second batch (same plant just hung to dry longer) I noticed some cobweb like webs forming between the stems and bud on a few nugs. Below are pics reg/magnified
    upload_2022-10-12_21-26-27.jpeg upload_2022-10-12_21-26-44.jpeg upload_2022-10-12_21-27-2.jpeg
  2. you can smoke it
  3. take your worst sample and dip in a cup of warm water and a tsp of bleach
    if it turns to snot real fast = yes thats Pythium mold,
    dip again in clean water (wash out the bleach)
    allow to dry well
    and pick it out
    - easy

    good luck

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