mold growing on the dirt (pics)

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  1. i take it this is mold.. it has a fowl smell to it. What should i do? the plant is a little to small to transplant into fresh dirt IMO.. correct me if i am wrong please.

    Keep in mind there are wood chips in there... if you do not know what they are.

  2. It could be mold. Was there something growing in that pot prior to your seedling? If so, it could be built up fertilizer salts (which is why I asked if the soil had been used prior to this plant) or from over watering. In the future, make sure your soil has a chance to dry out thoroughly before watering again. Don't water until the soil is dry 2-3 down in the pot. I would also start thinking about transplanting.

  3. Jaded

    You didn't say but assuming that you're using an 'organic' or 'semi-organic' soil mix then the 'mold' (fungai) is normal.

    Here's why: the growing of fungai in organic soils is a 'good thing' in that certain fungai facilitate the uptake of phosphorus - a good thing for developing flowers & fruit on plants.

    Wood chips are some of the highest agents one can use to increase fungai - big time! Ever wonder why 'composted forest products' is a main ingredient of soil mixes?

    I'm an organic grower and I look for 'mold' in my soils. Then again by controlling the input of specific microbes (aerobic) is the whole point of ACT (aerated compost teas) in organic growing environments.


  4. White powder .. could be salt residue from the water.. or a powdery mold. Your plant looks ok.. leaves folding up a little bit, how's your humidity?
  5. i do not believe the dirt was reused, i got it from my friend but i think she added wood chips. I have no idea who makes it, its just some generic dirt in a bag. im sure nothing fancy. the humidity is moderate around 45.

    So should i be worried about this mold?
  6. feedback please
  7. I wouldn't worry about it unless the plant is showing problems. Like others said, its common for there to be live fungus in organic mixes - I've heard of mold growing from little pieces of perlite before as well.

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