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Mold and buds

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by greenterror, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. I had my first run-in with mold (i think). It looks like white spots that are a little furry. I tried to smoke around it because this weed was dank as shit for less than $5/g. I felt fine like a normal high after and am considering smoking more of it. I'm really not sure if it's mold but I'm going to watch it.

    Just how bad is it to smoke lightly molded weed, what about vaporizing?
  2. I wouldn't if I were you, with weed you know (about) what you're putting in your lungs. I'd throw that shit out and buy more, esp. if it was less than $5/g
  3. Don't smoke it but throw up a pic and ill tell u if its mold

  4. Yeah post some pics. Most people that grow know what molded weed looks like, you should be able to get an answer.
  5. Spider mites?

    If it was mold I think you would have been vomiting violently by now.

  6. Not necessarily but if one were to smoke moldy weed there's a good chance of getting a case of bronchitis or some sort of lung problems.
  7. Don't smoke mold man, I wouldnt have even smoked around it. Can fuck up your lungs. take a picture and we can try to help.
  8. This is what i found on saving molding weed

    "It's always advisable to not smoke marijuana with mold, however those that are willing to take the risk are advised to bake their marijuana in a oven on 300 degrees for 15 minutes to eliminate some common forms of mold. While on the subject of baking marijuana, it is important to note that most mold is far more dangerous when ingested than inhaled, which means you should be extra careful of mold when putting marijuana into edible treats. Filtering smoke through a water pipe or bong does not prevent you from inhaling mold, although some sources say it can help reduce about 15% of the mold."

    Source :What You Should Know About Mold Issues on Marijuana | Spark Report

  9. Thanks. I would take a picture but my camera wouldn't have the quality to show the mold.

    I looked into it and it doesn't have any signs of being a rare harmful mold. The mold I think it is is everywhere and not harmful. But the amount (if any) is so small that I don't think it'll be a problem.

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