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  1. hello all,

    I want to use molasses on my plants.

    I have checked my local shop and at the moment all they have is a thing called


    Can i use this and will it have the benefits of the blackstrap molasses?

    anyone know where i can purchase unsulphured blackstrap molasses in the uk?

    as always gc, your help in always appreciated.

  2. well I cant really coment on where to buy blackstrap molasses in UK, since Im across the pond...but I would imagine a local grocery store would have it(at least I know here we can get it there...or if you have a local feed store they sometimes carry larger amounts.

    Ive never personally seen DATE MOLASSES so cant coment on it.

  3. In the US one can buy unsulphured black strap molasses in quantity at farm supply stores or smaller containers at virtually all grocery stores. In the UK its also called treacle.

    Here's a vendor in the UK:

    Meridian Organic Molasses 740g by Meridian from GoodnessDirect

    Not familiar with date molasses.
  4. thanx for that link man, really appreciated.

    I have placed my order, so hopefully it should arrive in the next couple of days.

  5. blackstrap molasses IMO
    i've never heard of date molasses, but i find blackstrap molasses in the organic foods aisle right next to the big row of shit that dispenses oats and grains into bags
  6. i use the uk version of blackstrap molasses took me ages to find the uk version and it is lyles black treacle unsulpherd mollasas just in us they call this mollasses comes in a red tin get it in any super market less than 2 pounds for a tin!!
  7. feed the microbes

  8. Thats the one I got at the grocery store this side of the ocean ;)

  9. Take me to your feeder. :p
  10. make sure its unsulphered
  11. all organic blackstrap molasses is unsulphered.

    Better yet, get organic agave.

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