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  1. ok here we go. Picked up some molasses for my plant and i added 4 ml to a gallon of often should i give her the molasses? Once a week? and how much of the gallon should i give to her? Shes about 5 weeks into flowering and about 65 inches tall.
  2. Hey there:)

    from what I've read on here molasses is all good as long as you're in soil, not good for hydro, and make sure you get blackstrap (unsulphered) molasses.
    I been feeding mine with every watering and intend to go right through flowering with it, I add 3 teaspoons per 2 litres of watering with no side effects. The general guide on GC is 1-2 tablespoons per gallon, I assume thats a US gallon.

    Anyway, good luck and be sure to post a journal
  3. i feed mine 3 tbl spoons per gallon every other watering, i giver the whole gallon too.....i assume you are in a pot with soil.....i always let about a half gallon come out of the drain holes. Some people do it 1-3 tbls spoons per gallon every watering, and different amounts of water. Just use it in your normal watering schedule as often as you want or need. I have never heard of adverse effects from using molasses! hope this helps.
  4. I mix 1 tablespoon of molasses in with a gallon of water, then water each with 500mL at a time whenever they start drooping a bit.

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