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  1. when i use molasses when watering how much shuld i use, and how often. i only have mybe 3 weeks left. will it still do its thing in that little time?
  2. 1 tablespoon per gallon should do it. Mix it in a glass or warm water then dump the dissolved stuff in the gallon container.
  3. should i do it everyday?
  4. usually I did it once during veg and once every 2 weeks during flowering. I got great results never had any nute deficiencies or anything like that. Healthy as horses. I also use worm castings and lime in my mix along with botanicare products.
  5. i think i only have maybe a week or 2 at tops. i did the corn field thing this year and im not sure when the farmer harvests, so i dont want him to mulch it up for his cows,lol. that would be no good. so il hit em in a fewdays with the molasses and just use it next year.
  6. During the last 3 week, which have just started for me, I feed em molassess every other watering and wormcasting tea every other. I dont water every day but every 2 or 3 when they are finishing.
  7. Oh and watch for deer and slugs, molassess attracts both...copper wire around the stem keeps all slugs off.
  8. damn, i do got a lot of deer round too. where do u get worm casting tea from?
  9. You can buy worm castings over the net at lots of places, but I just started a worm bin. I have a bucket underneath the bin where the water drains when it rains. It makes a mean MJ tea.

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