Molasses, water, and pH

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  1. High Blades,
         I'm doing ok, been fighting a N deficiency and am about 42 days of flower (52 days from 12/12 flip).  My trichomes are still pretty clear but getting about 40% brown hairs. 
         I'm going to start to flush next week, and I've intend to use, and have been using with watering (not feeding) about 1 tsp of unsulphured molassess (I know the molasses crowd is about 50/50 divided) per gallon of RO Water. 
       I'm growing in FFOF with 1/3 perlite, some dolomitic lime, diatomaceous earth, and some bat guano.  I'm using General Organics GO Box line and, other than an N deficiency in the past 2 weeks, have been happy with the results.  336 actual watts of CFL (8x42watts). 
        My question is this:  I've found that molasses does bring down the pH of my RO Water (usuallyl 6.9-7.1 pH).  Should I pH adjust the molasses solution or just pour it in. 
    GC is awesome, appreciate the knowledge base and positive feedback. 
       Here's a link to my grow. 


  2. You should always be pH adjusting unless its already at a good level.  Bring it from 6.9-7.1 to 6.4-6.5
  3. Dolomite line buffers pH. Post this question in the organics section for a proper answer.

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  4. That's what I've been doing when I feed the plant but I have not done so on the molasses waterings. I always add CAMG since I'm using RO water and pH adjust (CaMg makes pH drop really low). I'm still getting runoff in the 6.3-6.5 pH range even without adjusting molasses waterings for pH.

    I'll try adjusting pH on next watering with molasses.

    And yes I'll post in Organics forum. Thanks everyone for the help.

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  5. Just add the mollasses. Ph shouldnt be a problem growing organicly. I use the go box as well and dont use a ph meter at all.
  6. yea adjust the ph even through flush if u want...mollaseses raises ph and u will have to keep lowering it.  but the thing about mollasses is that it requires additional help in order to work in u in soil or hydro.    if hydro, use some zyms and bacteria

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