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  1. What's is everyone feeding molasses for?! I'm new and still wondering about this?! I have some sitting in the cabinet ready to go.. just wanted to make sure of amount and other additives!

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  2. as long as its does not contain sulfur . you can use it . and you can use just plain sugar . all the same 1 teaspoon per gallon of water . here is a small article . there are many and there is a debate do plants need sugar . i can tell you a lot of high end nutrients do contain sugar . if your pounding the lights and using co2 the plants can take advantage of added sugar will you see a difference ? thats is another story but it ill not hurt giving them a small amount of sugar so why not add it ? many people swear feeding sugar to that plants your growing improves quality i think the same if the plant is not searching or trying to store a item it available for use so it can be more productive . i add sugar . along with calmag i swear by along with my base nutrient in all stages of growth it will interesting to get some educated views on this subject . Research on Sugar Application to Crops | CropWatch | University of Nebraska–Lincoln
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  4. not home glad to say . i have the entire day to my self and the dog .
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    I ve use Molasses and sugar ,prefer molasses hands down it makes bud s swell out and I start about a month before harvest ,sugar only gave my plants mold it could ve been myself using it to much or it s just to strong ,but I just gave up on the sugar after the one screw up,I ruined sum nice plants.I ve had good success with the molasses regardless it does help not sure about all the science aspect of it .I ve just notice a big difference when I use it and now I won t leave it out of any of my grows.Some old school growers taught me about it.Also heard Humbolt and some really big time commercial growers use it too.Either way I been sold for 20 years ,hope this helps and good luck with ur grow..
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  6. where was the mold on the buds ? i can see the roots having mold from insanely high sugar but it wont affect the buds .
  7. ,Yeah the buds,also had mold where the leaves and buds touched and sum of the leaves.It made them wicked sticky though,I also didn t get the buds to swell using sugar .I swear my buds triple in size when I use molasses it was definitly from the sugar ,I just couldn t tell u exactly why it happened ,
  8. Also should add this was in a tent well controlled environment, air ,humidity everything was dialed in so thats why my conclusion was the sugar.caused this problem.Also I ve never had this problem again ,
  9. Molasses is great to feed your soil which, then in return will feed your plant, my organic nutrients contain molasses so I don't any more but the nutes I had before with similar npk ratios didn't perform as well as this set is.

    Molasses is something I'd recommend to anyone looking for something to add plump things up a bit.

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  10. I've always been skeptical of pure sugar, was it regular bleach white sugar or brown sugar? Cane sugar?

    I wouldn't think it would cause mold but I'm not going to risk it

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  11. i use plain white sugar and a lot of it . there has never been an issue been using it for about 4 years ? idk mold is from humidity being to high with (bad air movement circulating ) it can get very humid ive seen it up to 65 % but i run fans and move the hell of of the air so it cant get stale never had mode . now if your sitting at lets say 45 to 50 % with no fans yes it will mold . trust me on this i know it seams like the plain white sugar did it ... its not im 100 % sure . and some strands collect mold more easily then others when choosing a strand its important to keep this in mind . another thing to keep in mind if you have large temp swings night and day it causes a lot of nasty stuff and watering before dark can spike the humidity no chances to get it dry . im glad your looking good no mold SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  12. sulphur or u sulpur either or plabt need suplur ans it essential for trichome production and flavor if sulpur was bad the. epsom salts would kill them lol.

    also in coco it can help break down salts and give the plant a lil sugar.

    in soil it feed the microherd gives them a big bosst the micro herd in soil os responsable for PH and breaking down organic mafter so it is avaliable for your plant. so that why i ar least use molassas. irs also go phos, potassium, nitrogen, iron, sulpur, mag and calcium :)

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  13. I've heard that the molasses will also feed your MYCORRHIZAE if that is in your medium (promix hp with mycorrhizae)

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  14. it feeds the entire micro.herd which make it useable for the plant as it breaks it down

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  15. Molasses has an abundance of minerals and micronutrients. Obviously, it's also full of sugar. Plants make their own sugars but sugar production actually cannot keep up with growth demands in cannabis during flower stretch and bud production. During this period the plant will actually uptake some of the extra carbohydrates that the molasses provides along with the minerals and micronutrients. It's sometimes referred to as carboloading the medium. AN's older molasses substitute was called carbo load.

    The other thing that molasses does for even a veg plant is keep soil microbes healthy. Soil microbes like various strains of bacteria and fungi form a symbiotic relationship with plant's root systems. They help break down nutrients for the plant in exchange for sugars from the plant. If you supplement the medium with extra sugars it helps make the soil microbes thrive and increase activity which in turn can increase the feed rate of the plant.

    Molasses doesn't work good in hydro. It causes foam. I use Advanced nutrients budcandy as a molasses substitute in hydro. That's what it is designed for.

    It's always advised to avoid any higher sulfer molasses when feeding plants. It's easy to become sulfer toxic with common varieties.
  16. I don't have time to dig it up right now but a while ago there was another thread on molasses where I found a scientific trial with a few crops. The molasses group compared to control group was at least a 25% bigger crop and the percentage of the highest quality onions was 75% higher when molasses was given.
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  17. I read that somewhere...good article. I believe it's on the first response on this topic.

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