Molasses, EWC and Bat Guano tea?

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  1. Sup erryone!

    Okay so I have this bottle of Fox Farm big bloom. Its most of the way full still. I have a question.. I know people use molasses and earthworm castings to make a tea full of beneficial goodies.

    Would it be a good idea to take a tablespoon of molasses, a tablespoon of big bloom (bat guano and ewc) and add it to a gallon of water?

    Also, should I shake it here and there to airate the mixture?

    Lastly, would a mixture like this be a good thing to feed to plants in veg/bloom? If one more than the other, why?

    Thanks everyone!!

    P.s. go easy on me lol...
  2. Sure you could use it if you really want to. An alfalfa/kelp tea is cheaper and works better though. If I owned that bottle I would use it to water in a compost pile or on some outdoor veggies.
  3. Yeah its leftover from buying the ff trio, trying to find a useful purpose for the organic part of the trio (gave the other two bottles to a friend).

    So feeding compost with this would be a good idea? Why not plants? I let it stew overnight and have been shaking it here and there.

    Kelp/alfalfa tea works better you say?
  4. You have it, use it. But yes, the kelp/alfalfa would be even better when you get some.
  5. I just don't like using anything from Fox Farm. I can get better results w/ an alfalfa kelp tea or by simply topdressing w/ vermicompost. You could certainly use it for your plants...just don't expect much.

    Aren't they for two different applications though?

    Don't expect much, meaning not some magical, instant improvement in plant health? I don't like fox farms either, hence why I gave away the other two parts of the trio.
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    There's better ways to do good things for your plant imo and I'm sure many others humble opinion. Here's my cut at it.
    You have to ask yourself, "what am I trying to accomplish by doing xyz...". Let's look at the label of Fox Farms Big Bloom and see what it tells us and see if it fulfills whatever your desired anticipated outcome is by using it.
    1.  It has a guaranteed analysis of NPK @ .01-.3-.7
    2.  One quart is equal to 2 lbs
    3.  It's a so-called concentrate (hrmmph)
    4.  It's made primarily from EWC (of unknown source and quality) and bat guano (of unknown source and quality)
    What the product label doesn't tell us but the MSDS does tell us is that the product contains potassium magnesium sulfate and sodium chloride, i.e. Sul-Po-Mag, and the equivalent of table salt. So we know what the source of the K is and we know there's "salt" in the mix. Neither of these products, i.e. Sul-Po-Mag or sodium chloride (table salt) fair well in a container garden/plant. IOW, I wouldn't use Sul-Po-Mag or "salt" in my container garden. To each their own.  
    When we check the fertilizer regestration label with the State of WA fertilizer database we find there is a high level of cadmium, zinc, lead, arsenic, mercury, nickle, and a few other heavy metals. No big deal .... or is it? Again, to each their own as most "organic" sources of commercial fertilizer products contain high levels of many different heavy metals.
    What "NPK value" is actually in the bottle? For that we need to do a little math but I'll cut to the chase and just give you the answers. The bottle contains a minimum guaranteed analysis of: .0002 lbs of N, .006 lbs of P, and .014 lbs of K. Not a whole lot of weight there. Added all together it equals .02 lbs of "nutrients" and 31.98 ounces of some kind of liquid/solids mixture of questionable and perhaps dubious or harmful nature, i.e. an acidic nature perhaps.
    In the end analysis, my opinion, toss that shit out in the compost pile and don't do another thing with it for your container garden plant. But the question has to be answered by you,  "what am I trying to accomplish by doing xyz...".
    Hope that gives you an answer to your Q's from one perspective anyway. :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin: ... G'day :smoking:
  8. I appreciate your detailed response!

    Now I know :)

    I was hoping the product was more of a natural, boiled down ewc and guano mix, but I guess not.

    Again, thank you guys!
  9. My brother grows with 3 tablespoons per gallon of tiger bloom only, start to finish with a ph adjuster.

    Grows 10 foot tall trees outside.

    Molasses, And big bloom is fine. I used to mix that stuff all the time before i got into true organics. I say use it if youve got a bottle. Ive got shelfs full of ten year old bottles of fox farm and other chemical nutes. I use them outside only on fruit trees and shrubs.

    Nothing is better than alfalfa/kelp or most other SSTs or ACTs, however, itll work. Ive done exactly what youre doin to no detriment at all.
  10. Oh damn! Three tablespoons of tiger bloom? They have to be some big fuckin trees, and hungry ones too.

    I really want to stay in coco/perlite with myco and go full organic with the kelp/alfalfa and other act's/sst's. Well, I shouldn't say I want to, I am going to.
  11. I think you should stay kelp, ssts and acts.

    Ill never go back to bottles ever again.

    I have been enlightened, the switch is on!

    But tbh, i havent used bottles in years :p
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    I mean, the info is available.. All I have to do is read stuff from dudes like coot, lumperdawgz, and others.. And you of course ;)

    Edit: possum too apparently! I just reread his post and went,"aww shit"

    Idk how to intelligently answer the "what am I trying to do?" question but I wanted to increase the microbial activity in my rhizosphere.
  13. You realize coot and LD are one in the same right? I didnt, but coot confirmed it! :p

    Tbh, and no offense to anyone else, but like that beatles song all i need is love

    All i need is coot. I could sit for 20 years without a bathroom break and absorb that guys knowledge :)
  14. Haha that's funny.. No I did not realize.

    Well, I'll keep reading from both his aliases.
  15. i think im gonna try this mix an see what happens

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