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    im wanting to give my plants a last boost of goodness having one week left before flushing would molasses be a good idea? i was thinking either that as my cheap option or buying a metabolism booster like canna boost to finnish of the week

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  2. i feed them sugars from babies until flushing with plain ph'ed water

    feed sulfur too for a nice finish for your terps (epsom salts contain it too)
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  3. well thats cool because i just bought some espon for my next feed what sugar do you give them exactly? ive got a drip system and i think the cane mollasses is better to use but im not sure. i was thinking of buying this..

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  4. Unsulfured mollases. Honestly you can add a little every watering without hurting them. I mean don't dump shit tons but couple tablespoons are fine.
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  5. interesting. do you know if i can use this cane sugar in my drip system or did you use the sticky stuff?

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  6. cool im guessing unrefined is the same as unsulfured? i just want to use some thats not goimg to block my irrigation line

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