molasses and miracle grow question...

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    i have read about different grow mixtures for soil and nutes.
    i know about how miracle grow isnt that best but it can definitely work. i've read about fox farm soils that are way better, and advanced nutes, and my mixtures.

    so here i am using miracle grow since i'm still learning and new to growing in a lot of i was wondering if using miracle grow time released know...the kind with the little plastic looking green and yellow balls in the soil ok to mix with molasses?

    i was wondering if you could add molasses to the grow during flowering.

    i'm just curious as to what molasses does for the plant anyways and when it is best to use it, how it is best used, and how much.
  2. go use the search function about ur soil and mole asses lol
  3. Honestly I'd throw that miracle grow stuff out. Good soil and nutrients arnt that expensive anyway. And you will end up with 2x the weed that wont taste old tires, ass and feet :hello:

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