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  1. I have a few questions regarding molases.

    1) How do you use molases in a hydro setup? Do I just dip the roots into it? I can't see molases running through my reservoir efficiently.

    2) What type of molases do I use? Do I just get it from the grocery store or should I be getting something special from a grow store?

    3) How much molases do I use?

    Any responses on this are appreciated
  2. unsulfered molasses,actuallly has a nutrient rating 1-0-2 or someshit .I'm sure it depends on whos and where it comes from.I dissolve it 1 tbsp per gal.but I use soiless mix.Might b messy depending on ur setup.
  3. ive heard you dont it on hyrdo.

    I do wonder if you could mix in some kind of sugar that would dissolve, like cane sugar?
  4. I've also read than you don't want to use it in Hydro.
    It feeds the micro-organisms in the soil, not very benificial in hydro,
    more of a liability in clogging sprayers & pumps.
    I wouldn't use it in hydro, but hey maybe someone
    will chime in who's been using it in hydro.
  5. I just got back from the grow store and did purchase a product from General Hydroponics which is basically 1-0-2. I'm going to give it a try in one of my reservoirs. I'll get back on the results
  6. I asked the same question at the store and really wasn't given an answer except that you can try that if you want
  7. Molasses is used for its raw sugars,and bacteria thrives on it.If your usein general hydro products prob wouldn't help u anyway.more for organics
  8. dont use sugar cane!!!

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