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  1. Is this the right stuff and what dosage for 1.5 litre is 1.5ml about right?
  2. black strap molasses is what you want. in soil peps be using 1 tsp per gallon in hydro as little as 1/4 tsp per gallon
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  3. I couldn't find that but this is unsulphered
  4. Meridian have changed their name from black strap to pure cane...can check it on meridians website
  5. Cocoa soil medium
  6. Why would anyone put molasses in a hydro setup? Molasses is used to feed soil.
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  7. I've heard many positive responses from grower who use it??
  8. I've used it, too, in fact. But never in a controlled experiment.
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  9. Haven't got space for side by side and I'm a new grower so many mistakes can be made
  10. I'd say just leave it out. It'll be one more thing for you to manage and worry about. Just keep them alive and healthy with minimal additives - keep it simple. Personally, I don't think it will do anything for you in coco coir. Just my two cents.
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  11. Iv never used it and my weed turns out awesome.
  12. Mine was only under a 100w T5 for 7 weeks of 9 veg till new light arrived she is really small but I'm moving soon so switched her at 9" tall LST in place...home made cupboard tent 2 3" fans now a 600w full spec.. cocoa/perlite mix A nB through veg bloom flower power boost and spray steroids being used PH levels 6.8 to 7 ...awaiting hygrometer and carbon filter

  13. She's 1 week flower

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