Mojave Desert War Memorial Cross - What do you think?

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  1. Check out this video first to understand what's going on.

    [ame=]YouTube - Veterans Fight to Keep 75-yr. old Mojave Desert Memorial cross ([/ame]

    So now after the court finally ruled to keep the cross its been torn down and there is a $125,000 reward on whoever did this. Mojave Desert War Memorial Cross - Don't TEAR Me Down: Stop the ACLU - Sign the Petition
  2. Fuck the ACLU and the FCC for good messure thats just wrong and disrespectful to are fallen men and women of the armed forces who have died to keep us safe.
  3. The whole situation is ridiculous. And the lawsuit is actually pathetic.

  4. yea no joke and it is sad this made it to congress what a wast of money and time.
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    No, fuck people who build statues in remembrance of thousands of young men being sent to be slaughtered in trenches like a bunch of squealing pigs. It's not something to be celebrated, or to inspire pride.

    I say this with the utmost sympathy for the poor people who've had their hearts and minds melted by war propaganda. They weren't heroes. They were just...killed, entirely on the whim of some asshole wearing a suit. They were torn from their families, sent through the hell of bootcamp, strapped with a bunch of equipment, and told to sit down in a pile of dirt and watch their friends get torn to pieces. That's not heroism, it's a human meat grinder, and a tragedy for which no words can do justice.
  6. that's fucking disrespectful.

    just because you find it foolish to remember the people who died doesn't mean the rest of us do, too.
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    I remember the men who died, I'm just not insane enough to think they died for a good cause. The incredible, unnecessary loss of life that occurred in the 20th century alone as a result of this kind of crap is enough to numb your veins.

    It's not enough to just remember the men who've died so far. I also remember the kids I grew up with, being primed for military service by school-sponsored recruiters before they were even big enough to hold a rifle. I remember my best friend, about to be shipped out to Iraq soon, regularly telling me that he "hates his life and just wants a chance to kill some people" - and that despite being in the air force, he'll be sent out into combat because, derp derp, the marines and infantry have been thinned out by 7 years of slaughter.

    Don't you fucking dare talk to me about respect. I'm the only one in this thread so far who truly respects soldiers, because I don't think it's noble to send them to be butchered like a bunch of sick animals. People who are willing to put their lives on the line in defense of others deserve better. These poor people were murdered by their own government, and to do justice to that tragedy, they should be remembered as victims.
  8. i see there is not a patriotic bone in your body. this isn't vietnam, there is no draft - anyone who is in the military chose to be in the military. i would be there now if my criminal record didn't keep me from it. at least in today's conflicts, there are no huge numbers of casualties. 7400 fallen soldiers in 8 years; compared to 58000 from '56-'98 in the vietnam war.

    you should look up the definition of murder and rethink how you use the word. i don't believe the government is putting a gun to its own soldiers' heads and pulling the trigger. for those that join the military, death is a possibility especially for those that enlist in wartime.
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    Who tears down a war memorial?

    Some people..

    Yeah fuck the soldiers too! They're all brainwashed tools being used to slaughter innocents! :rolleyes:
  10. Dude who's doing all this shit lives in fucking Oregon? Man people these days will do anything for some cash. Damn shame. This joint is for all my fallen brothers.
  11. I drive pass that everyday to work! well its not there anymore..
  12. They tore it all they way down? Not just covered up?
  13. no its still covered.
  14. Its not covered, its been torn down by someone.
  15. If I died in war and they erected a giant cross in my honor I hope someone would tear it down. Displaying religious symbols in public fuckin pisses me off so much
  16. I think at this point its more than just a religious symbol. It was erected by the veterans 75 years ago and was a piece of history. It meant alot to the veterans and regardless of its religious value it was in place to honor the vets.
  17. ^^ true that
  18. People have been brainwashed into believing the cross is a Christian symbol. The cross really shouldn't be used as a memorial for death, since it's true symbolism lies in life, when the spirit ascends during a lifetime. That's the true meaning of the resurrection. It's allegorical of the lower animal nature dieing so the spirit can ascend into the Godhead. Also the cross represents in it's horizontal lines the physical body, carrying the burden of the Instinctive Mind which stands in the way of spiritual mastery and must be overcome.

    And to the guy bitching about the government sending people to their deaths, get real dude. Sure there have been drafts, but the point is say in ww2, if we didn't go in there when we did, and the nazi's continued their success, they would be a power that would annihilate the US after conquering the various countries and there would be no US.

    We aren't sending soldiers to their deaths today, if you don't realize war isn't like COD where you can respawn, or think that because your badass at a video game that you'd make a badass soldier, you aren't living in reality. Even in a time of peace you recognize the possibility that war can pop off at any given day and you'll be sent to fight no matter what that war is about. That's the risk you take if you aren't joining purely for the love of your country and you want college to be paid for. If your willing to risk your own death to get free education, that's your decision it has nothing to do with the government's war for greed.

    The amount of casualties in the war in iraq is minute compared to a "real" war.
  19. I don't exactly recall situations like the beginning of World War II our "choice" to go into battle or not. We were attacked. On our own soil. What exactly did you or Japan expect us to do? Sit here with our thumb up our ass?

    On top of that, you claim that they "deserve better". Well, I'm sorry that the traditional idea of putting up a monument to remember the monumental task those men and women faced isn't your cup of tea, because this country is filled with monuments just like it. Sorry if the Military is a bit too "traditional" for your tastes. Seems tradition continues to keep your country(and you) free. I think Jack Nicholson said it best:

    "I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it!"

    Oh, and just FYI, attempting to speak on behalf of every man and woman who has ever put on a uniform and served their country, especially if you've never actually worn one yourself, is about as disrespectful as one can get. I'm quite certain there are plenty of people I know who would agree.

  20. Tell it how it is brother XD
    i agree with you 100%

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