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Mohter Duckjaelsfkjaucker

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. imagine me beating the fuck out of something and screaming as loud as i can..for that sets the scene when i discovered my cd player in my truck to be stolen.
  2. yeah i can imagine, i remember when that happened to me two days after i got mine grrrrr
  3. that sucks man, you should get an ipod..its like walking around with all the music of your hard drive.
  4. I had fkin subs in my trunk, couple days later, GONE.

    fuckin expensive too..sigh
  5. is there nothing your insurance can do against shit like that?
  6. Nope, dont think so :/

    Fraud would be too easy
  7. i know how u feel a week after i got my licence and my tahoe i put about a $700 system in it and it was stolen at a gas station while i was inside payin

    they found it a week later stripped to the bone
  8. i am truly a weird person, for i have no ill feelings towards them

    what goes around, comes around

    on a lighter happier note, my friends mom also went to get something from the shed that we been chilling in, the same place this all went down last night, and she discovered everything..bongs, pipes, weed...all of it..she made him go get drug tested.

    why in the fuck cant things just work out for me..i was having the greatest summer ever and then FUCKING all comes piling up

    when you are riding home at night, with no music, the darkness and silence give a depressed mind too much to think about

  9. hmmm, whats so light and happy about your buddy getting piss tested? anyway, i say rip out excliabong and have a good night.
  10. My summer was going good too until I got arrested.. but things have leveled out a little.. I'm a lot more descrete about smoking... and as much as it pains me to admit it, I learned a very valuable lesson from it all..
  11. excalibong is locked inside the shed
  12. fck..
    I cant wait for weed to be legal

    keep on fightin people, and one day we wont have to worry about this drug testing bullshit.

  13. It's time for a rescue mission. If I were there I really would help you, I don't condone breaking into places but if it's to get your own stuff it might be worth it.
  14. lets stone the shed, until it falls alseep...and then open its mouth and walk along its tounge until the uvula that is excalibong is uprooted and theived away
  15. ^ sounds like a plan
  16. WHOS WITH ME!!

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