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  1. I just got one. Hmmm... work seem to be a little amused by it. Haven't shown my mother or father yet. Ha Ha...
  2. pic please of the new hair
  3. yeah, lets see it
  4. I'm gettin one developed soon so I will post it in a couple of weeks...
  5. thats sweet dude, i wanna see it. how long you going to let it grow out, ya gonna spike it?
  6. soon soon soon
    and we all want to hear how the 'rents reacted :D
  7. 'rent number one- mother- laughed her ass off for ages. 'rent number two hasn't seen it yet... hmmm he will laugh but it might take more effort..
  8. yeah i was gonna get a mohawk once, decided against it for the parents factor--but i WAS 12. haha.

    I have dyed my hair blue, green, black, and bleached white. I might dye it again for the summer...not sure yet. I was thinkin orange or maybe green again...

    Yeah I think I will dye it green in honor of the summer of bud.
    :D :D :D :D
  9. That great big black square behind me covers pictures of friends and family......

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  10. Hey switch nice doo....maybe you should be the chief in the cheers bar you've got the mohawk after out....Sid
  11. nice i like it
  12. seroiusly your the first person i've seen that doesn't look retared in a mohawk.
  13. The ice cream man accepts your hawk with open arms
  14. jesus christ.
  15. by the way its not jesus christ at you switch its at crazy bastard aka nubbins, or maybe im stoned out of my mind. who knows?
  16. l;ol NuBBiN LOLOLOL
    <-- can't stop laughing

    Switch nice mohawk, i'd watch my back around NuBBiN though if i were you! ;)
  17. Nah Ice cream man (the scrawny bastard in the photo that is) can try it if he is confident but i'll paint the wall with his scrawny hide... oh btw that reminds me, I'm a bit proud of myself cos I am slightly stronger now- I took that on the morning of the mo and it has been about a month since- a month with nothing to do but pressups and shit. Not that you care.

    Typing that seemed like an interesting idea at the time and I only delete typos on message boards as a matter of principle.
  18. Not bad at all!

  19. the ice cream man cares....;)


    Ice Cream Man: sorry...

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