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  1. my brithday is soon and i was trying to get a moe cd from my parents. if any of you guys have suggestions on the best moe cd then let me know. i haven't heard any of their studio stuff i've just heard htem live one time and i loved it. so if anybody can tell me one of the best cd they have then that'd be appreciated.
  2. oh man i love moe.
    no doy is probly my favorite, its real funky. headseed is good too, more ska-ish.
  3. alright thanks man... i think i'm going to get no doy along with Phish - IT (DVD) for my birhtday. thanks though
  4. Headsead is my favorite moe. album. Check out for some live moe. shows, actually you may be better off just downloading a lot of live shows which are better in the long run for their length and creativity on stage, and just burn a few copies. either way good music all around.
  5. for real real. headseed is whats up. I saw them last haloween it was great. usualy has some shows too.
  6. theyre good live. archive is great, but not for quality sometimes.

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